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What our students are saying about SmartDreamers Academy

“I went through the Inbound Recruitment module and the chapters look great! The “How to Measure Inbound Success” lesson gives a good overview of the most important metrics."

Viktoria Weishaupt about SmartDreamers Academy

Viktoria Weishaupt

Recruitment Marketing Specialist


"Entertaining, easy and intuitive. The small tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the course are of great help, especially for people new to these concepts."

Irina Doiciu about SmartDreamers Academy

Irina Doiciu

Employer Branding & Communication Manager


"Staying up to date with trends in Recruitment Marketing is a must for anyone in the TA community. I recommend the SmartDreamers Academy for it's insightful and catchy tone."

Paula Fratila about SmartDreamers Academy

Paula Fratila

Recruitment Marketing Lead Europe


With SmartDreamers Academy you get:

Free access to premium content

Free access to premium content

Access to the latest content, ideas, and research on topics that matter.

Fast and effective learning

Fast and effective learning

Quick and informative courses designed specifically to give you a competitive edge. 

Actionable toolkits

Actionable toolkits

Real-world, practical solutions to help you plan and implement your talent acquisition strategy.

Industry-recognized certifications

Industry-recognized certifications

Showcase your growing expertise and get recognized as a subject matter expert.

Academy Certifications

Add industry-recognized certifications to your LinkedIn profile to showcase your growing expertise and stand out from the crowd.

SmartDreamers Employer Branding Certification

Employer Branding Certification

SmartDreamers Inbound Recruitment Certification

Inbound Recruitment Certification

SmartDreamers Candidate Nurturing Certification

Candidate Nurturing Certification

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