Make your talent acquisition ecosystem fully automated


Streamline processes from ad to forms, emails, and more


SmartDreamers platform helps you create a streamlined process within the entire candidate journey. Advertising campaigns, landing pages, forms, email nurture, and more processes are brought together in a unified platform.

No API? No problem! Smart Automation connects all the dots

Most of the tools used in talent acquisition have no API; processes are conducted manually, creating a high volume of undesired repetitive tasks and a fragmented ecosystem. Smart Automation tool allows you to connect all the tools and sourcing channels in one place.


Automate CVs import from all sources directly into your ATS


Sync candidate and vacancy data in real-time between SmartDreamers and your ATS and seamlessly add candidate CVs to your recruiting pipeline with scalable RPA.

10,000 or 100,000 CVs, Smart Automation can handle the volume. Import CVs at scale and eliminate the repetitive tasks that keep your team away from the creative stuff.

Automat talent acquisition like the team at Givaudan

"SmartDreamers helps us by centralizing and displaying the entire candidate journey data into quickly accessible dashboards."

Caroline Mancioppi
Recruitment Brand & M. Manager


Processes automated

Sourcing data mapping

Google Analytics data import

Candidate import in the ATS (SuccessFactors)

Job advertising distribution

Social media advertising

UTM codes setup


A solution integrated with your ATS

SD integrates with your ATS and creates a streamlined process from the first interaction with the candidates to the hiring process.

Requisites import

All open jobs from your ATS are imported into the SmartDreamers platform so that you can easily link campaigns to each job or filter the job listing on custom-built landing pages.

Hiring sources tracking

SmartDreamers connects data from all your sourcing channels with candidate status within the ATS so that you can determine the ROI with high precision.

CVs import

SmartDreamers integration technology allows you to import CVs from all sources directly into your ATS

More ways to use SmartDreamers


Social media advertising

All your social media channels available on one platform.


Bring back career page visitors and generate more applications.


Set your job advertising on job boards, on autopilot.

Employer branding

Your target audience and your EB brought together.

Diversity and inclusion

All your D&I platforms in one unified platform.


Career page CMS

Take control of your career page and make it outstanding.

Landing pages

Create custom branded landing pages at scale.


Build lead capture or any other forms, integrated with your ATS.

Talent Community

All you need to build a Talent Community, on one platform.


Sourcing channels analytics

All metrics, from all sourcing channels, in one interface.

Career pages analytics

Track candidate behavior on all your career pages.

ATS data tracking

Connect SmartDreamers with your ATS to track soucing channels' ROI with precision.



Build and nurture relationships with all candidates

Processes automation

Make your talent acquisition ecosystem fully automated

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