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5 Strategies for More Efficient Hiring in 2019

SmartDreamers Team
4 min. read

Today’s job market landscape is unprecedented. Unemployment rates are at record lows, which means competition for the best candidates is fierce. It also means you may need to up your recruiting game if you want to attract, hire, and retain the best talent.

Are your HR strategies up to the challenge? Is your hiring process streamlined, without too many hurdles for candidates to have to jump over on their journey to accepting that offer? Check out our 5 top tips for ensuring your hiring process is as efficient as possible, just in case!

#1: Use recruitment marketing to grow your talent pool

Active job seekers are in the minority in most markets. That means you need to reach people who aren’t currently looking to change jobs, and convince them that not only do they want to make that switch, they want to land at your company. Enter recruitment marketing (RM).

RM is the most effective way to get your employer brand in front of these passive job seekers. You do this by making the most of your on-site content in the form of informative blog posts, up-to-date job listings, and a streamlined “contact us” portal. Then you add in a robust and interactive social media presence, detailed candidate personas, and a strong hiring funnel; and voile! You’re ready to go.

Now, when your ideal potential candidate decides that they’re ready to jump ship at their current company, you and your excellent employer brand (EB) will already be top-of-mind and they’ll come straight over to your careers page looking for openings.

#2: Automate

Your team is already overworked, so why make them deal with the mundane necessities like responding to incoming applications or following up with a candidate after an interview? RM automation software can take these repetitive tasks off their plate and let the team get on with the intuitive, creative side of recruiting.

By automating those initial emails, follow-ups, and even your social media feed, you ensure your potential candidate pool is staying informed during the entirety of their journey. They’ll get the most recent openings, feedback when they apply, and updates as they progress through the funnel—all without the need for human input.

RM automation software also integrates with your ATS, so the dreaded “ATS black hole” can be avoided. This way, even if a candidate is not right for the opening they applied for today, you can rest assured they’ll stay in your system so they can be notified of future openings that may be a better fit.

#3: Cultivate your pipeline

Speaking of folks who apply for positions they aren’t a great fit for—that certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t great candidates. By using a combination of your ATS, RM automation software, and your other recruitment marketing activities, you can keep these folks actively engaged with your brand and ready to hop on board when the right opening presents itself.

Have a separate list in your ATS for people with fantastic resumes and references, who want in but have yet to find the right role. Occasionally schedule email updates for these folks that include things like current openings in their department, employee testimonials, or links to blog posts that are relevant. This way you stay in their minds and remind them that you still want them, all they have to do is apply for the right opening when it becomes available.

#4: Don’t neglect employee referrals

Current employees are an amazing, and far too often overlooked, source of great talent. After all, who’s more likely to know of other great engineers than the great engineers you already have working for you? Be sure your people are not only happy at work, but also that they know about your employee referral program. You do have one of those, right?

Internal employee referrals cut the need to advertise openings outside of the organization. That cuts your spending, leaving funds available to offer incentives to folks who refer their friends. Spa day, anyone? Or tickets to that new movie that’s just about to open? Get creative and find ways to incentivize it. Now your people will be talking up the company with their friends and the chances are they’ll get a few interested in joining up, who doesn’t want to work alongside their existing friends? It cuts the “getting to know a new team” stress quite a bit.

Internal referrals also streamline the application process, meaning you won’t lose great applicants because they don’t want to fill out your questionnaire. Have it set up so that the referring employee can just email a resume to someone on your team along with maybe a couple of questions they can answer about their friend.

#5: Streamline the interview process itself

Having an employee referral get into the pipeline quickly and painlessly won’t be worth much if they just get stuck in interview round after round after...you get the picture. To ensure you retain these applicants through the entire process through offer acceptance, you’ll need to cut the extra steps out of the interview process as well.

How many steps does your process currently have? If it looks like this:

30 minute application process > 5 day wait for follow up email > 4 days until a slot is open for a phone screen > 10 minute phone screen > 4 more days > Schedule a video chat with the recruiter in charge of the account > 3 more days > schedule in person interview #1...you see where this is going.

While this poor person is being strung along through this purgatory, they’ve probably received another offer they were all too happy to accept. See if you can get the process down to a 5 minute application process, automate all email follow-ups, and trim the extra face-to-face stuff. If you can’t get a firm idea of their fit via their resume, application, and a phone screen, they probably aren’t the fit you’re looking for.

The job market is crazy, don’t let ideal candidates slip by

In this market, the candidate has the edge. By tailoring your recruitment marketing efforts, remembering to tap into the resources you have on staff already, and streamlining your interview process, you can help ensure you find the right people to fill your openings.

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