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Case Study: How EATON Reached More Technical Job Candidates

SmartDreamers Team
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As almost everyone reading this right now can probably attest, the current global talent market can make things extremely difficult for recruiters. There’s a shortage of skilled labor in many industries, and businesses are constantly competing to establish themselves as the employer of choice through employer branding efforts that tend to be costly, complex, and time-consuming. This can be especially troubling for large, global businesses, who might have incredibly varied staffing needs at locations around the world.


EATON—one of the world’s top power management companies—is one such large, global business. They have more than 100,000 employees spread across 175 countries, with operations expanding all the time. Despite being one of the top companies in their field, their recruiting efforts were not meeting their needs. In this post, we’ll give a quick rundown of the challenges facing EATON’s recruiting team, and the steps they took to compete more effectively for top talent. Hopefully, if you’re facing a similar situation, this inside look at EATON’s success will be of some help!

The Challenge


Because of the size and scope of the company, EATON often has numerous vacancies that need to be filled within their organization. Until recently, they had been utilizing traditional recruitment marketing tactics on established platforms, but they increasingly found that they couldn’t meet their staffing needs in this way. The nature of their business requires job seekers to come to the table with a high degree of technical knowledge. Because of these requirements, it was imperative that they reach not just a large number of candidates, but a large number of the right candidates. Needless to say, they were not able to do so with their existing strategy, and as a result many of crucial positions within their organization remained unfilled.


EATON knew that a new talent acquisition strategy would need to be developed—one that would increase the reach of their brand among technical workers throughout multiple countries and continents.

Reaching Passive Candidates


One of the reasons that EATON’s candidate sourcing strategy had proved ineffective up to that point is the fact that by sticking to traditional recruitment platforms they were limiting their search to active job seekers—i.e. they were cutting themselves off from passive job candidates who, while not actively scoping out job boards and the like, could be convinced to apply for a new job if the right offer came along. That means that 80 percent of people (the proportion of job candidates who are not actively looking for a new job at any given time) were completely cut off from the company’s messaging. The answer to their recruiting woes lay in finding a way to reach that 80 percent.


Hoping to accomplish just that, EATON partnered with SmartDreamers to develop a strategy based around seeking out qualified, technical employees in the corners of the web where they were already inclined to spend their time. They would switch their focus from traditional job boards to more niche global channels, from social media to Smartdreamers’ extensive online publisher network. In this way, they could spread their messaging to the passive job seekers who had previously been missing from their audience. With carefully crafted ads and posts designed to highlight their employee value proposition and resonate with the type of skilled workers they were seeking, they began targeting their potential future applicants.



Now, at this point in the post you might be expecting us to say, “of course, spreading your employer brand across so many channels is no easy task.” In fact, we’re going to say just the opposite. In addition to helping EATON to develop a strategy centered on widening their candidate pool, SmartDreamers was able to offer marketing automation services to aid EATON in its recruiting efforts. Thus, the global power management giant was able to manage all of their various campaigns from one centralized portal, with modules designed to help streamline the process of setting a budget, creating a timeline, uploading visual collateral, and tracking impressions and clicks. Thus, EATON was able to run recruitment marketing campaigns in 29 countries across two continents, using nine different recruitment channels to reach more than 600,000 qualified applicants.


Certainly, it would have been possible to run that many campaigns in that many markets without the help of automated workflows—but it would have been much harder, potentially requiring dedicated time and resources that would have rendered it too onerous to maintain on an ongoing basis. When each of those channels can be accessed through a convenient, one-stop-shop portal that offered streamlined modules for budgeting, formatting, measuring, and activating or deactivating particular campaigns, that potentially untenable number of things to track is radically reduced. As it happens, this is precisely what SmartDreamers provided for EATON: a one-stop-shop from which to manage numerous campaigns aimed at hundreds of thousands of technical applicants. As a result, they were not only able to reach more candidates than ever before, they were able to do so in an increasingly efficient manner, meaning that their overall cost-per-hire was optimized by more than 70%.


Now that EATON has automated the process of attracting passive job applicants into their recruitment funnel, they’re able to grow their employer brand with continuous recruitment marketing. Each day, they can quickly and easily spread their employer brand and communicate their EVP to the right audience. As a result, their talent pipeline is more robust than ever, and their automation efforts and outside-the-box thinking are translating into ongoing hiring successes! 

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