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What Our €1.2 M Funding Series Means for You, Our Customers

Adrian Cernat
3 min. read

This week, SmartDreamers had a €1.2 million investment round led by GapMinder Venture Partners, with participation by private equity and venture capital fund Catalyst Romania. We are, of course, extremely proud to see all the hard work of the past few years paying off in this way, and we’re thrilled at the opportunity to keep working to create the most sophisticated solution for recruitment marketing automation. But, on some level, this exciting news isn’t really about us—it’s about you, our customers!


After all, without the continued support of our customers there wouldn’t be a SmartDreamers. When you succeed, we succeed. We think it’s only fair that it should go both ways.


Ours has always been a mission driven company, and that mission is to change the face of modern recruitment with the use of smarter technology like AI, machine learning, and advanced automation techniques. That’s why we believe in putting as much of this new funding infusion as possible towards making our customers’ lives easier and giving them the tools for continued success in recruitment and talent acquisition. How do we plan to do this? Read on to find out!

New Features


We’re constantly working to create new features that will stretch your talent acquisition budgets farther and improve your recruiting ROI, and this new show    of support from GapMinder and Catalyst Romania gives us the resources to redouble those efforts.


For starters, we’re working to bring Robotic Process Automation workflows to our existing functionality, which should give our users the chance to save time on rote or repetitive tasks while building out more streamlined, easy-to-use recruitment flows. As part of our initiative to increase the technological sophistication of our software, we also hope to incorporate more data-driven recruitment advertising processes.


Right now, a lot of the data that’s created in digital recruitment processes isn’t adding value for the businesses running the campaigns—we’d like to change that, turning mission critical information into usable insights that can help inform your recruitment marketing campaigns going forward.


In addition to the new features listed above, we hope to start providing more support for inbound recruitment marketing. In this way, we believe that we can aid our customers in attracting more candidates into their recruitment pipelines using inbound (rather than outbound) methods, whether that be providing educational content to potential new recruits or offering up solutions to the challenges faced by your target personas.   

A Truly Global Enterprise


As SmartDreamers continues to grow, we aim to keep our focus on global expansion. This means that in addition to our existing networks in the United States, Singapore, and Central Eastern Europe, we hope to rapidly expand our footprint into the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and other parts of Western Europe.


What does this mean for our existing customers?

First of all, it will mean an increase in the number of global resources at your disposal, as well as new opportunities to move into new recruitment markets. For any businesses that may be thinking of expanding their recruitment efforts into one or more of these countries, we’ll be here to help you out.


It’s not just our international footprint that’s going to grow, either. We’re also making plans to widen the network of advertising channels we offer.


Our recruitment philosophy is based in part on the idea that passive job seekers can be reached, attracted, and converted into applicants by employer branded content spread across all corners of the web. By offering you more channels than ever before, we’ll help you to reach even more candidates, and to target your ideal applicants more precisely than ever, reaching them with your messaging when they are at their most receptive.

Learning Together


We believe that all growth is an opportunity to learn. As we grow together, we should learn together. We’ve learned a lot already since we started our business a few years ago—about how to build a platform that meets our customers’ recruitment needs, how how to alleviate the pain points that come with the modern recruitment marketplace, and how to turn smarter processes into smarter hiring.


We’ve been sharing our platform, but we also want to share our knowledge, wisdom, and expertise. That’s why we plan to develop a portal where we can educate our customers about recruitment marketing and recruitment marketing automation. Our goal is to give you the tools to succeed in an increasingly competitive talent marketplace, by offering tips, tricks, best-practices, and in-depth educational content designed around your needs.


In short, exciting things are on the horizon for our users! While this new round of funding doesn’t change anything about our fundamental philosophy (which is centered around people, creativity, and innovation), it does give us the freedom to build something that we think will further our efforts to make recruitment more modern, connected, and data-focused. It’s going to be an incredible journey, and we’re thrilled to have customers like you to share it with.  

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