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How Holotech Increased Organic Searches by 30%

Adina Constantin
4 min. read

Some of you have probably heard of FaceRig—the real-time facial animation software that lets users embody a range of fantastical characters using just a standard webcam—but possibly far fewer have heard of Holotech Studios, the development team behind this innovative and engaging piece of technology. But while they may not be a big name (yet), they have a team of experienced game designers and motion capture experts with a passion for delighting their users, and with that team, they’ve been able to do a lot of technically impressive work in their field.



Like any successful product, FaceRig wouldn’t exist without the dedicated team behind it. From Holotech’s point of view, this means that effective recruitment is of the utmost importance. They need talented, driven, and engaged developers to help them bring their ideas to life, which means competing for talent with any number of big, established gaming companies. This task is difficult enough on its own, but it’s made even more difficult by a lack of knowledge of their brand and company on the part of their target audience. They needed a new approach, and they found one in their partnership with SmartDreamers. Together, we worked to create employer branded content and disseminate that content on the platforms where Holotech’s ideal hires already spend their time. In this way, the company was able to activate passive job seekers and increase their application rates.


Today, we’ll sit down with Adina Constantin from Holotech to get the inside scoop on how they approached building an all-star team in a competitive talent environment.


Q: With so many companies vying for the attention of talented recruits, how did Holotech keep passive candidates engaged and position themselves as an employment destination?

A: Being a small company, we did encounter a few difficulties in engaging with passive candidates. The fact that our product, FaceRig, was already known did help, but we still found ourselves dealing with the problem that they didn’t know we were creating the software. This is the point with which SmartDreamers has helped us, noticeably increasing our online awareness through their campaigns.


Q: What are some of the challenges that Holotech faces when it comes to employer branding?

A: We did find a challenge in our internal branding process. Given the fact that there always are urgent ongoing projects, it was a bit difficult to prioritize a process as internal branding. Having this in mind, SmartDreamers helped us with a viable and properly prioritized plan.


Q: What tips do you have for overcoming those hurdles?        

A: Our experience has taught that patience and openness to ask for specialized help can go a long way. It is vital to search and listen to new ideas if you wish to evolve as a company, and even, on a personal note, as a manager.


Q: What are the top strategies you use for talent acquisition?

A: We take a lot of pride in our company’s transparency and this has also been present in our recruiting process. Another focus point for us has been getting across as much information as we can to the candidates, starting with how long the recruitment process will take, feedback for our meeting and contacts within the company.


Q: How did SmartDreamers help you jumpstart your recruitment process?

A: In the past, we have turned to recruitment platforms to search for candidates, a process that turned out to be less effective than required. Passing through a series of interviews, we’ve noticed that our candidates enjoyed the interviews and our company’s friendly environment, but, in the end, based their decision on bigger brands companies. That's where the collaboration with SmartDreamers really helped. The branding campaigns we implemented together helped to raise awareness about our company and not just about our product.


Q: Now let’s back everything up with some numbers. What do your results look like in terms of applications after 6 months? How about in terms of brand interactions?

A: I believe that in terms of applications, the numbers have doubled. And regarding the brand interactions, we also saw an increase of about 30% more people searching for Holotech Studios online.  


And there you have it. By targeting their ideal job candidates with employer branded content, Holotech was able to build up strong employer brand gravity. Rather than going out in search of job candidates, they were able to position themselves as an employment destination and entice qualified job applicants to come to them. This meant not just more applicants, but better applicants on the whole. Why? Because applicants who encounter your brand multiple times and then make the decision to seek you out online are more likely to have self-selected for a good culture fit. More than that, they're more likely to be more fully informed and engaged with your process, meaning that they may move through the interview stages more quickly, thereby potentially reducing time-to-hire and time-to-fill.  


If Holotech’s recent successes in this area teach us anything, it’s that just because you’re not the biggest employer in your field, that doesn’t mean you can’t compete for top talent. On the contrary, by utilizing recruitment marketing and recruitment marketing automation, you can craft and utilize an employer brand narrative that will inspire your target personas to take a leap of faith and give your company real consideration. And, of course, success breeds success. The more effectively you’re able to convert passive job seekers and convince them to join your team, the more enticing your company will be to future job hunters. Not only will this high quality hires potentially aid recruiters in the form of employee referrals, they’ll also be proof positive of the all of the unique ways in which your company provides value to its people. Over time, this is a sure recipe for continued success.


For Holotech Studios, creating fun, easy-to-use, and affordable software is a passion, and now they’re able to share that passion with talented workers who can help them further their mission. This means they keep their indie-developer spirit alive and kicking while positioning themselves as an employment destination for talented developers in the process. As they continue to grow and evolve, they’ll be in an enviable position with regard to talent management: thanks to effective recruitment marketing, slow, costly, and laborious hiring processes should be a thing of the past.  

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