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Inside the SmartDreamers Dev Team

SmartDreamers Team
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At its heart, SmartDreamers is a company with a mission: to change the way that recruiters and HR departments attract, engage, and convert top talent. This mission doesn’t exist for our own benefit. On the contrary, it exists because of the scores of prominent global businesses who cite effective talent acquisition as one of their most difficult hurdles. These businesses need smarter technology built around a more modern approach to hiring—one that swaps out job boards and recruiting agencies for sophisticated new strategies like recruitment marketing and employer branding. As more and more companies have adopted the SmartDreamers solution, it’s been incredible to see some changes already emerging in the global recruitment landscape.


None of this, of course, would be possible, without our team. Specifically, our sophisticated automation platform would be impossible without the hard work and outside-the-box thinking of our dedicated team of engineers. To date, they’ve helped to create a platform that empowers recruiters and hiring managers to automate the posting of job ads and recruitment advertising campaigns across the web—even on niche websites that don’t have much API infrastructure for doing so. This involved not just creating functionality designed to make recruiters’ lives easier, but also innovative problem-solving, like leveraging RPA (robotic process automation) in order to automate advertising and collect usable reporting from sites that don’t offer APIs for doing so.


We were able to sit down with SmartDreamers’ dev team and pick their brains about what it’s like working on such crucial, innovative technology.


Q: As a developer at SmartDreamers, what impact do you feel like you’re having on the industry?


“At SmartDreamers, we’re a small team of developers who dreamed smart enough to build platform from scratch that’s now being used by some of the largest companies worldwide. This is no easy task, but at the same time it's a rewarding challenge because the world of recruitment is hugely dynamic. That's why we need to develop new things, using new technologies to help companies reach their aims. So, as a result, the developers at SmartDreamers have a direct influence on the overall industry growth—we’re changing the world of recruitment directly from our desks.” - Kinga Moldovan 


Q: What are some of your proudest accomplishments at SmartDreamers?


“Besides the fact that I'm part of a brilliant team with awesome skills, vision, and insights—having the chance to work on a revolutionary product is an accomplishment itself. For me, that fact that I'm programming some new and modern features used by global clients like L'Oreal, UiPath, Eaton, Renault, Kaufland, and many others is a great achievement!” - Arnold Soos


Q: What is the SmartDreamers dev team’s approach to problem solving? How do you successfully navigate uncharted technological territory?


“Building a software product that solves the needs of many recruiters around the world was, and continues to be, a challenge. But what makes it easier for us is the way we work as a team and the fact that we are continually researching new technologies that can help us build great tools. I'm currently working on SD reports—making it easier for our customers to access and measure data from multiple sources into one streamlined interface.” - Bogdan Costin 

Q: How do you see the world of HR technology evolving in the next few years? 


“Technology never stops evolving. Neither do modern recruitment solutions. Because of these fundamental truths of the modern world, it is hard to even imagine where this process will be on the axis of time. The answers we're constantly seeking do exist, but finding them is easier said than done. This is why the world of HR technology is so captivating and challenging. Working with new technologies and keeping up with this accelerated development is my favorite thing here at SmartDreamers.” - Takacs Botond 

Q: How have your innovations so far helped to make life easier for recruiters?


“At SmartDreamers we are in a privileged situation, where through our work we help companies all around the world—making it easier for them to attract, engage, and convert talent. By creating an innovative recruitment marketing automation platform, using AI-powered engines, advertising on the biggest social media platforms, and collecting all the data that the recruiters need, we help them to do their jobs better.” - Ferenc Hamar 

Q: Can you talk about a particular project you’ve worked on that’s currently helping recruiters to do their jobs more efficiently?  


“I worked on the functionality for the SmartDreamers campaign editor, which centralizes ads management from various social media advertisers into a single platform. Mainly, I’ve worked on the automation integration with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Now, any recruiter can easily implement a recruitment strategy on social media with our user-friendly advertising platform.“ - Andrei Borca

Q: How is RPA changing recruitment? How do you use it at SmartDreamers? 


“Automation is one of the most popular and talked about technologies currently being deployed in the business world. Ultimately, effective automation can improve efficiency to boost employee engagement and candidate experience, but the reality is that most recruitment operations have only automated a tiny percentage of their processes, if any. We at SmartDreamers are trying to use automation in the areas where it can be most effective, like importing information, analyzing data, and generating reports. This helps us achieve the best results and deliver a truly effective recruitment tool to our customers.” - Bogdan Rosu


And there you have it: everything you always wanted to know about the SmartDreamers development team but were too afraid to ask. As we continue to use innovative technology to solve the most pressing needs of recruiters around the world, these folks will continue to be one of our biggest assets. There may not be a foolproof way of predicting the future of HR technology, but we can be pretty confident that the trend of automation and centralization will continue for the time being. As it does, we’ll do our best to keep offering recruiters the capabilities they need to work smarter and more efficiently.


Are you looking for a new challenge? Add your magic to ours.
We're looking for ambitious colleagues to help reshape recruitment in a way that makes a difference. Join our growing team and contribute to smart solutions that impact recruiters and job seekers around the world. Apply now for a Software Developer - RPA position to join our highly talented IT Team.


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