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Meet the New and Improved SmartDreamers Ad Builder

SmartDreamers Team
4 min. read

Today, SmartDreamers is unveiling major changes to its ad builder that will seamlessly connect recruiters to the entire internet, empowering them to work smarter and more improve ROI.  

A perfectly crafted ad can be a thing of beauty. No doubt in your own experience as a web user you’ve encountered a wide range of quality levels for ads being targeted to you—and I’m betting that it was the ones that were well-designed that really caught your attention. Or, at least, that didn’t catch your attention in a bad way. At the same time, there’s only so much time the average recruiter can really devote to ad design. Sure, putting out high-quality employer branded content on the social channels that your target personas are using is key to success, but at a certain point your ROI begins to drop off if you spend hours fussing about particular design choices.


SmartDreamers has always sought to make that ROI calculation a little more palatable with its ad designer. How? By giving recruiters the tools to generate ads and job posting on all online platforms from one interface, with the use of API and RPA integration. Today, we’re excited to announce that the ad builder our users know and love has gotten even better, gaining UX improvements and new functionality designed to give our users the best chance of success in a crowded marketplace. What changes did we make, exactly? Read on to find out!


What’s Different?


Okay, are these changes really something you need to care about, or did we just add a shiny new coat of paint to a module that already worked pretty well? Let us assure you that it’s definitely the former. For starters, there are a few new features:


Saved audiences: Instead of creating a new audience from scratch for each ad, users can now save an audience that they’ve created for use in later ads or ad campaigns.

Meet the New and Improved SmartDreamers Ad Builder-05


Multiple-ad campaigns: Now, users can create campaigns that include more than one distinct ad, making it easier to track your efforts supporting a single goal across channels.

Meet the New and Improved SmartDreamers Ad Builder-04 (1)


In-module data reporting: Users can easily visually important social media KPIs while using the ad designer in order to better understand what works and what doesn’t within the context of their social media recruitment campaigns.


In addition to these discrete new features, we’ve also put a lot of work into fine-tuning the user experience to make add creation more self-explanatory. Now, when you open up the relevant campaign, you’ll be prompted with how to proceed from step one. Rather than presenting you an interface and leaving you to perform a bunch of guesswork, the new ad builder will walk you through each step of the process, culminating in a one-pager that clearly explains the final steps of campaign set-up. In this way, ad creation and editing becomes quicker and easier for recruiters with busy schedules.   

Meet the New and Improved SmartDreamers Ad Builder-03 (1)

Why Should You Care?


“That’s all well and good,” you might be thinking, “but what does that all mean from my perspective as a recruiter using the platform?” For starters, there are the obvious benefits of saved time in terms of creating and editing your ads—saved time which can have a cascade effect on your entire recruitment marketing project. And, of course, the ability to reuse audiences will also have a time-saving effect, helping you to spend less time overall fiddling with your campaigns and more time actually conceiving and refining them. We don’t want recruiters on our platform missing the forest for the trees, which is why we’re working so hard to reduce the number of steps worth of minutiae that you have to tackle at any given stage of the process. Instead of being bogged down with particulars, you can take a broader, more holistic view of the ways in which you can best spread your employer brand and EVP to your ideal job candidates.


This holistic view will, of course, be enhanced by the improvements in data analysis and reporting that these changes are empowering. Data visualizations within the ad builder itself will, of course, make it easier for users to make snap decisions when they’re putting out an ad under time pressure, but they’ll also make it easier to keep important KPIs front-of-mind while working on new campaigns. On top of that, since campaigns can now include multiple ads, it will be easier to track your success; by measuring your KPIs not just on the level of individual ads but on the level of multiple related ads at once, you can begin to draw larger conclusions about the impact that your efforts are having on your talent acquisition. Thus, your efforts get smarter and more effective over time, and your target candidates get excited about the prospect of applying for a position at your company.  


Good UX Goes Both Ways


With these new improvements, SmartDreamers’ goal is to provide you with one simple interface that connects you to the entire internet. By offering easier, quicker ad editing directly from the campaign listing screen, we offer just that. Gone are the days of hopping from one social media platform to another and trying to get different versions of the same marketing collateral to fit within each platform’s unique specifications. Instead, SmartDreamers functions more effectively than ever as a one-stop-shop for your recruitment marketing needs. In this way, we seek to empower our clients: by providing the best possible experience for our users, we help those same users to provide the best possible experience for their applicants.


This, really, gets to the heart of why we do what we do. It’s not just about crafting a well-designed ad (though that certainly is important). We believe that providing a positive experience can and should go both ways, and the more we help you, the more we simultaneously help your candidates to encounter and learn about your brand, to truly see themselves working for your company, and to take the leap and submit an application. This begins with social media employer branding campaigns like the ones we’ve been talking about, and it ultimately ends with an all-star team that helps you further your corporate mission.  

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