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Marketing meets talent acquisition

Everything you need to know about recruitment marketing. From talent attraction, to employer branding and candidate experience.

ChatGPT and recruitment marketing

Picture this - there is a free AI tool that can help you with the entire recruitment process from start to end. It not only supports in writing and improving your candidate outreach messaging, job descriptions, and recruitment marketing content but...

How to become an employer of choice for passive candidates

As competition for top talent heats up, more and more employers are looking to become the employer of choice for passive candidates.

Why TikTok for recruitment is the way to go in 2023

You must be out of touch these days if you have yet to hear about TikTok or know what Tiktok is. And if you think that TikTok is all about young...

Candidate Experience: The Future of Hiring

When thinking about User Experience (UX), most companies tend to focus on customer experience more than anything else. And it makes sense: customers...

The Problem With AI in Talent Acquisition

AI’s presence across the economy is growing rapidly. It can be found in sales, manufacturing, customer service, marketing, and even in recruiting....

How to Create Lead Generation Engines in Talent Acquisition

Traditionally, the way companies have gone about talent acquisition has followed a transactional model. Companies announce that they have a job...

The Employer Branding Playbook

Your company is a great place to work, and you’ve got a strong employer brand to show for it. But how do you turn that employer brand into a steady flow of qualified applicants?


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