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The Top Strategies for Accelerating Talent Acquisition

SmartDreamers Team
6 min. read

Talent acquisition is a long-game. But you know that. And you also know that recruitment marketing as a whole is a long-game as well. What you may not realize is how many other similarities there are between these two related areas of HR. 


There are tactics and strategies you can implement, today, from the recruitment marketing playbook that will dramatically cut the stress on you and your team when one of these high-priority seats opens up. 


The following are our top 5 picks for talent acquisition strategies that will accelerate your search while lowering your blood pressure.

1. Craft Unique, Accurate Job Descriptions

The better the candidates who complete an application will be, and the fewer you’ll have to scan through in order to find the One.

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Start with the title. 


If your company uses catchy job titles that don’t exist anywhere else, consider ditching it for the sake of the job description. The better someone understands what they’re reading, the more likely it is the description will resonate with them.


Gather Information 


Then bring in the hiring manager, departing employee (if applicable) and any other stakeholder who can add to your knowledge of the role. Gather everything they can provide, then step back and look at the pile of data from the perspective of a potential candidate.


Take a look from the candidate perspective


What would you want to know? Of all the information you gathered, what are the 10 most crucial pieces of information you would need to help you decide if this was the role for you? That list will form the backbone of your job description.

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Cut out all the jargon 


Again, this may seem to fly in the face of an accurate job description. If it’s industry standard, go ahead and leave it. But if you have an in-house list of TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms), consider translating them for greater understanding.


Give it a vibe


Add a short description of your company, the benefits, and of course, a good call to action at the end. Be careful to the tone of voice! Your tone of voice reflects who you are and helps you connect with the right candidates.

Now, you are good to go!


2. Automate. All. The. Things.

OK, not all of them. Got your attention though, didn’t we?


Recruitment marketing automation (RMA) is a set of emerging technologies that you can easily put to use in your talent acquisition activities. And when it comes to accelerating searches, there’s no single thing you can do that will help as much as automating your rote, repetitive tasks. 


- Social media updates; 

- Blog posts; 

- Reminder emails;

- Newsletters.

Can all be set to go out on a regular schedule, or when certain parameters are met (set by you, of course).


Some solutions in this area are beginning to include AI (artificial intelligence)-powered chatbots as well. These bots can be set up to field common questions from candidates at any given point in their journey. And the AI behind the bots will learn more answers to more questions the longer they’re in use.


All of this frees your valuable time for the human-centric aspects of talent acquisition:

- Coaching candidates

- Working with hiring teams

- Creating personalized, one-on-one communications to woo your prospective candidates


If it can’t be automated, standardize it 


For those things that can’t be automated, create a set of standards for how the process should be conducted. Then document it. Thoroughly. You know your process documentation is ready when you can give it to your kid/niece/cousin/grandma and they can conduct it perfectly.


This applies to things like :

- Creating the job description;

- Creating a content calendar for your blog posts;

- Creating a content calendar for your Social Media posts;

- Crafting your candidate personas;

- Data standardization - turning data taken from various sources and diverse formats into a consistent form.


Solidify these steps and processes now, when you’re not under a time crunch so that when you are you’ll be able to set things in motion fast.

3. Use of Internal Resources

“Internal resources” is a very business-speak way of saying your current employees. 


This can look like one of two things: 


- Promoting from within

Being up-to-date on who works where, what their background looks like, and how they’re performing at their current position are all critical aspects of your role. The more you know before a search, the faster you can find the perfect person to get in that seat, making the hiring team happy and improving your overall performance numbers to boot!


Top Strategies for Accelerating Talent Acquisition in 2020 visuals -03

- Creating an employee referral program

Employee referral programs are an excellent way to show your current teams that you value their input. They also happen to be an amazing way to find awesome employees. Think of your current employees as an in-house talent pool and you start to see the power of making use of their friend networks.

After all, who is more likely to know amazing engineers than your current amazing engineers, right?


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4. Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.

Was that redundant? No, not when you consider the overwhelming importance of communication to a successful talent search. 


Nothing will bog down your search activities quite as well as sending an email...then sitting on your hands until you hear back. Or worse, when you find the perfect candidate and they’re not responding to email at all. 


It’s absolutely critical to keep the communication channels open throughout the hunt. Were you connected to a great prospect by a current employee, but they’re just not quite ready to talk about changing jobs? Find out what a good re-connect time would be and set up a reminder so you send them a feeler email on the right day. 


Send regular update emails and newsletters to keep your candidates, potential and active alike, updated on the goings-on at your company. There’s no better way to keep yourself top of mind.

5. Nurture your Talent Network

This is more of an overarching theme to this entire list. Nurturing your talent network is the single best way you can accelerate your next job search. 


- Stay in touch with updates,

- Use preferred communication channels,

- Streamline your processes via automation and standardization

By putting these tactics into action in your talent acquisition team, you can improve your metrics and see nearly instantaneous ROI improvements.


Just think about it, if you can email 3 or 4 people and have 2 interviews set up by the end of the week, you can completely eliminate the time-suck of an external job hunt. And when that happens, you’re setting yourself and your company up for talent acquisition success.

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