Analyze User Behavior On Your Career Page

With out-of-the-box options, your team can easily build reports that highlight the right metrics from your career page.

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Measure and improve candidate experience on your career page

By understanding the candidate journey through careful data analysis, you can improve your employer brand over time. Easily visualize which ads are driving up applications, which channels are reaching your target audience, and which parts of your applicant funnel might need tweaking. SmartDreamers empowers you to build a more effective recruitment marketing strategy.

Automate all advertising channels with one product

SmartDreamers is an recruitment marketing automation software, helping companies to advertise across the web and reach untapped talent.

Track data from Google or Adobe Analytics

Website analytics can be a tricky subject, with multiple interfaces, dashboards, etc. SmartDreamers offers simple integrations that bring the power of Google and Adobe Analytics to our metrics and reporting tools. SmartDreamers empowers you to build a more robust and effective recruitment marketing strategy, one metric at a time.

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Implementing SmartDreamers had enabled us to measure the ROI of our employer branding activities, allowing us to fine-tune our strategy.


Andreea Nicolescu@3x

Andreea Nicolescu

Global Employer Brand Manager


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Make your career page the #1 source for hiring

Leading companies are able to do most of their hiring from the applications received on the career page. This frees them from third parties like job boards or recruitment agencies. That's the power of strong employer brand gravity. A successful employer branding strategy requires a solid understanding of candidate behavior on your career page. SmartDreamers gives you just that.

Get more, better candidates with top-notch UX

SmartDreamers Pages allows you to create A/B testing so that you can find the ideal application form that improves conversion rates. SmartDreamers Pages and Measure work in tandem to offer you the know-how and functionality you need to fine-tune your candidate journey UX.

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Your enterprise-ready solution

SmartDreamers integrates with your ATS and creates a streamlined process from the first interaction with the candidates to the hiring process.


Do it all with just one platform



Advertise on platforms across the web to engage with candidates where they spend time.



Create stylish, conversion-centric career pages and landing pages.



Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on disruptive strategies.

See the product in action

In just 30 minutes, our team of specialists will analyze your talent acquisition ecosystem and showcase how SmartDreamers can help you in creating a talent marketing engine that integrates with your ATS.