AdsWizz Case Study

How AdsWizz reduces time to fill by more than 60%

AdsWizz is the leading provider of digital audio advertising solutions globally. In 2018, they were acquired by Pandora Media which meant they were growing rapidly and had to hire 140 people in under a year -- a significant increase from the existing team.



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March, 2019

AdsWizz had always been a company with their values front and center, but they knew immediately that this new hiring challenge was going to require something beyond anything they had done before.

Crafting a strong employer value proposition (EVP) was a strong first step. But to hire quickly and in high volume, it was clear that they also needed a way to define and scale their employer branding. Not only did they need to be able to articulate what makes AdsWizz such a special place to work, but they also had to find a scalable, efficient way to communicate that to current and future employees.


Top challenges?

- Recruiting over-hunted tech profiles;
- Raising the bar for both candidate and employee engagement;
- Supporting global talent acquisition and HR teams with the right resources for the job;
- Boosting ability to hire talent by focusing on internal and external social HR campaigns.


Redefining AdsWizz’s Employer Brand Strategy

In order to meet these new challenges, AdsWizz determined their new employer branding strategy would have to incorporate new components:

Employer brand gravity

A strong EVP that drove interest and traffic to AdsWizz career page, without losing authenticity.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

In today’s modern recruitment landscape, the best job candidates have to be engaged online, which meant a digital transformation for all AdsWizz recruitment workflows.

Data-driven Talent Acquisition

After going digital, AdsWizz used data to extract the most value from the effort. AdsWizz wanted to leverage technology to better understand their employer branding efforts, and to optimize them.


"AdsWizz is now able to quickly spread our content all over the web, reaching a diverse crop of candidates across a wide range of channels
and track our progress on an extremely
granular level."

Anamaria Lepadatu
Global HR Manager

Employer Brand Gravity

AdsWizz’ primary goal was to develop and promote employer branded content that showcases their EVP.

Once they established different employee personas and targeted aspects of the AdsWizz EVP to them accordingly, it was time to put the message out there.

A great employer value proposition doesn’t help if no one knows about it. How did AdsWizz get their story out in the world? Recruitment Marketing.


Recruitment Marketing Automation

AdsWizz decided to take a systematic, technological approach to attract the right candidates and convert them into new hires. Instead of laboriously posting ads and other content manually—a process that was critical to getting their brand out there — AdsWizz sought out a platform that would let them perform these tasks in a matter of minutes, rather than hours. Together with SmartDreamers, AdsWizz was able to empower their teams to do just that.

“We know that supporting our HR efforts meant choosing the right tools for the task. That’s why we partnered with SmartDreamers to automate our recruitment marketing and employer branding activities.“ - Ana Velicu, Team Lead Global Recruiting & Organization Development.


Online talent acquisition ecosystem

This type of recruitment depends not just on digitization itself, but on an entire digital HR ecosystem. A comprehensive approach to hiring at scale requires connectivity and automation.


It’s not magic—it’s data.

A big part of AdsWizz digital transformation was aimed at capturing the right data to better understand their efforts—a crucial part of any HR team’s job. Using SmartDreamers Measure AdsWizz had easy access to all of the data generated from their various advertising channels, all centralized in one interface.

Here’s a snippet of what SmartDreamers Measure showed:

15M - With careful ad targeting, AdsWizz racked up more than 15 million brand interactions amongst their target candidates in a single year.

325% - As a result, AdsWizz got more than 79,000 job candidates to interact with their Careers page in that same year - growing traffic to the page 325%.

66,7% - With streamlined and automated workflows, AdsWizz decreased their time to fill by more than 60%.



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