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EATON's Winning Strategy for Reaching Top Talent on Social Media Platforms


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EATON is one of the leading employers in the power management field, with almost 100,000 employees who work in 175 countries.


Considering the size of the brand and its operations, EATON was struggling to find enough competitive candidates despite recruiters' extensive efforts to reach them. As a result, the company was having a hard time filling all their vacancies.


One of the top challenges stemmed from the fact that the usual recruitment platforms had proven to be insufficient for their extended recruitment needs. So the organization needed a solution to increase their brand exposure and reach more skilled candidates across multiple online channels.


Here's how EATON used SmartDreamers to accomplish these results.



Also, passive candidates who may consider a career change in the future were more familiar with the EATON brand as a result of the company's recruitment strategy.


The great benefit here is that, by increasing brand awareness, the company was successful at laying a strong foundation for future interactions with skilled candidates.


This gives them a competitive edge over other employers competing for the same profile of employees.



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Using Automation to Increase the Efficiency of Their Recruitment Campaigns

SmartDreamers' customized solutions addressed the organization's need for getting more qualified candidates.


By automating their recruitment marketing activities and going beyond standard recruitment channels, EATON'S HR team managed to significantly increase the visibility of their employment ads.


"With SmartDreamers' help, we get to reach much more candidates in an innovative way.""

Csaba Szende

EMEA BSC Site Leader

As a consequence, a large number of competitive candidates interested in the offered benefits became aware of the career opportunities available EATON.


The benefits provided by SmartDreamers' vast network of platforms for job advertisement are highlighted in the testimonial below:


“When it comes to recruitment, the large number of channels provided by SmartDreamers to promote EATON's jobs is an advantage over our competitors.”

20170310_152358 (1)


By targeting their recruitment campaigns across 29 countries in 2 continents and engaging 9 different recruitment channels, Eaton was able to reach 600,000 candidates with a technical background.


With continued use of SmartDreamers and its extended capabilities, the company is now able to streamline their recruitment marketing process and contract competitive candidates faster.

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