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Building An Online Talent Pipeline Machine

As recently as 2014, UiPath had less than $1M in recurring revenue. In just 6 years, the company has grown its ARR to over $400M. This unprecedented level of growth came with certain challenges.



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March, 2018

UiPath is a leading player in the world of robotic process automation (RPA), boasting outfits like NASA, General Electric, Lufthansa, and many others as customers. Valued at over $35Bn, series F, UiPath currently has a team of 2,900 people, a forty-fold increase from their group of just 50 employees back in 2015.

UiPath career page

As recently as 2014, UiPath had less than $1M in recurring revenue. In just 4 years, the company has grown its ARR to over $400M, making it the fastest growing B2B software company in history. This unprecedented level of growth came with certain challenges. Specifically, they needed to hire great people as quickly as possible, and they knew that old school recruitment solutions like job boards and recruitment agencies weren't going to cut it. Their objective was to increase the applications submitted directly on their career page from 100 to more than 30K per quarter. To do so, they had to establish themselves as the employer of choice within the RPA industry and build up the employer brand gravity to prove it. An incredibly ambitious goal, but this is UiPath we're talking about...


Just 1 year later, UiPath is generating more than 50K applies per quarter, with their career page producing more new hires than any other source. How did they achieve (and, in fact, surpass) their lofty goal? Simple: recruitment marketing. Instead of relying on a passive recruitment strategy, UiPath partnered with SmartDreamers to go out and reach their ideal candidates where they were already spending time.


UiPath's recruitment marketing strategy was built on a few key concepts:


Job and employer branding advertising across the web

With SmartDreamers Advertising, UiPath has reached candidates in the US, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia on widely-used platforms from Facebook and Google to Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, WeChat, Line and many others.


UX designed to delight candidates

UiPath's career page has been constructed with SmartDreamers Convert to create a user experience that promotes an optimal conversion rate. Their average conversion rate on this page was a staggering 23%, the result of precise ad targeting and great UX design. 

Marius Istrate UiPath

"With the help of SmartDreamers Recruitment Marketing Software, we've created a leading position as an employer in the RPA industry."

Marius Istrate
Chief People Officer


When it comes to recruitment marketing, measuring your progress and optimizing for continued success is key. With SmartDreamers Reports, our company has been able to combine data from all touch-points within the candidate journey.



When scaling a recruitment marketing strategy, the ability to integrate your efforts within a larger software ecosystem is critical. SmartDreamers, connected with its wide array of advertising channels, integrates easily with Lever ATS to create a streamlined process from first touch (ad view) all the way through to the interview process.


With over 20K applies per month, UiPath now has a nonstop flow of highly qualified candidates. Without a recruitment marketing strategy that could generate such a high degree of brand gravity, UiPath's hiring operations would still be struggling to keep up with the company's astronomical growth rate. 

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