Nurture and engage talent. Power candidate-centric interactions

Bring communication with prospects and candidates to a whole new level. With a candidate-centric approach, engage and nurture them to deliver experience candidates have never experienced before.

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The power of recruitment marketing automation


More applicants

Faster data interpretation

Lower cost per hire

Increased conversion rate

Nurture and engage your candidates

Build relations with all candidates, passive and active

Create nurture loops that convert passive candidates into active candidates. Build dynamic audiences in minutes (or less) and deploy personalized customer journeys with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 


Automated emails, faster candidate engagement

Find the perfect balance between automation and personalization. Write and schedule customized email sequences for each role, sent when you want, from whom you want, with our candidate engagement platform.

Create sophisticated flows from lead capture to ATS import

SmartDreamers helps you create efficiency at scale within your CRM ecosystem, from lead capture to email automation and import in the ATS. Create a streamlined process within your TA ecosystem and drive CRM to the next level.


Rediscover top talent

Rediscover candidates from your database. If they weren’t perfect for a role they applied to before, reach out when a more fitting opportunity arises.

Centralize your reporting

Track the ROI of different channels and sources, manage team performance, and forecast results by monitoring your pipeline from first reach-out to offer.

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Discover the power of recruitment marketing automation, like the team at Givaudan 


"SmartDreamers helps us by centralizing and displaying the entire candidate journey data into quickly accessible dashboards."

Caroline Mancioppi
Recruitment Brand & M. Manager

Power your talent acquisition ecosystem with recruitment marketing automation.