Create landing pages on the fly

Our all-in-one platform gives you everything you need to create stand-out landing pages for every stage of the candidate journey and track candidate interaction along the way.


Some of the outstanding career pages deployed and managed with SmartDreamers advanced CMS

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Build Any Page on Your Own

Creating attractive landing pages that convert is no easy task. You're dependent on your IT team or a third party service provider and an ATS system that isn't optimized for quality UX. The result can be messy and time consuming. SmartDreamers gives you the power to build conversion-focused pages in minutes without the hurdles.

Easily Create Stylish Pages

A successful employer branding strategy has at its core a great candidate experience—one that spans the entire candidate journey. We've created a landing page builder that allows you to easily design pages that look great and function seamlessly.

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We are using SmartDreamers as a center point solution for candidates sourcing, integrated in our recruitment software ecosystem.


Liviu Anghel@3x

Liviu Anghel

Recruitment Europe Lead



Run A/B tests for Faster, More Efficient Hiring

Create variations of your landing pages for A/B testing. Creating multiple versions of content, forms or other variables helps you discover the best performing options for optimized hiring.

Track Your Landing Page Performance

Get easy access to all your job landing page performance data. Track candidate behavior and applications to gain actionable insights into page visitors for an improved candidate experience at every stage of the journey.

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Your enterprise-ready solution

SmartDreamers integrates with your ATS and creates a streamlined process from the first interaction with the candidates to the hiring process.


Powerful features for your recruitment marketing ecosystem

Accelerate and automate all processes from attracting candidates to converting, nurturing and measuring the candidate journey, all in one platform.

See the product in action

In just 30 minutes, our team of specialists will analyze your talent acquisition ecosystem and showcase how SmartDreamers can help you in creating a talent marketing engine that integrates with your ATS.