Create Employer Brand Gravity That Scales

SmartDreamers Attract helps you spread your story where candidates spend their online time. Become your target audience's employer of choice organically as you grow.

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Build your employer brand

Research shows that employers with a strong employer brand have a 43% lower cost-per-hire. Promote you employer brand to active and passive candidates alike and stay one step ahead of the competition with a proactive recruitment marketing strategy.

Delight candidates with a top-notch experience

How many quality applicants drop out due to poor user experience design or complex application processes? Too many! Candidates are customers, and they deserve a great user experience throughout their entire journey.


AdsWizz is now able to quickly spread our content all over the web, reaching a diverse crop of candidates across a wide range of channels, and track our progress on an extremely granular level.



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Track employer branding metrics

With all of your employer branding efforts centralized in one place, you can track data from all touch-points within the candidate journey. SmartDreamers analytics helps you increase employer brand gravity and generate more organic applies for better hiring at a fraction of the cost.

Manage employer branding materials in one place

Creating a strong employer branding strategy requires aligning that strategy within your organization. SmartDreamers helps you manage all of your media assets in one place so that all your team members and other stakeholders are using the right images and content for all active campaigns.

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Connected with your ATS

SmartDreamers fits perfectly into your recruitment software ecosystem, integrating with multiple ATS, CRM, and other existing software tools.

Do it all with just one platform



Create stylish, conversion-centric career pages and landing pages.



Understand your employer branding with data-driven insights.



Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on disruptive strategies.

Leverage Employer Branding to attract top talent - free SmartDreamers Academy course

Explore how proven marketing strategies can position your company as the employer of choice for your target audience. Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to build and track your employer branding efforts.

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