Attract candidates with a stronger employer brand

Become the employer of choice for passive and active job-seekers, cutting through the noise by building a strong employer brand with the right message to grab top talent's attention.

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Best employer branding tool

Empower your talent acquisition team to launch and promote your employer brand and careers site with just a few clicks.


Employer branding from paper to the market

Lower your cost per hire by 43% and activate your entire employer brand strategy on our unified platform by offering the best candidate experiences. From a simple creative refresh to building something new across any channel.

Make the right first impression

Easily launch and modify your careers page that adds personality, reflects your employer brand, encourages the best candidates to apply, and looks perfect across all devices. Answer every candidate's question: “What’s in it for me!”


Target top talent at scale and Convert

Getting your company in front of the right talent and creating custom ads to promote your employee value proposition (EVP). Employer branding content attracts, engages – and converts – talent pools into talented employees.

Employer branding gone viral 

Employee testimonials, job ads, or even vision statements are unique content that promotes your employer brand and tells a compelling story on social media. Advertise them on every social media platform with just a few clicks, and go viral in no time.


Conduct social media recruitment like the team from L’Oréal


"We are using SmartDreamers to conduct recruitment marketing efficiently in over 30 markets across the globe"

Head of Employer Branding, L'Oréal

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