Facebook for Recruitment

Of the seven billion people on this planet, two billion use Facebook at least once a month. Each day, Facebook has more than a billion unique visitors. How can you leverage Facebook to spread your employer brand and source candidates? This guide will help.



Ana Maria Mares
Digital Analytics Strategist
Ovidiu Marginean
Product Marketing Manager
Cristina Rotari
Customer Success Strategist

What’s inside

Chapter 1


How does Facebook embody the principles of modern talent acquisition and why should you adapt your employer brand narrative.

Chapter 2

The Mysteries of the Facebook Algorithm

What is the Facebook algorithm, how does it work and what does this mean for your recruitment marketing strategy?

Chapter 3

The Basics: Using Facebook Ads for Recruitment

A breakdown of the main components of building a successful recruitment marketing campaign with Facebook Ads.

Chapter 4

Best Practices for Employer Branding on Facebook

How Facebook ads can turn your employer branding efforts into a healthy and robust talent pipeline.

Chapter 5

Why You Should Create a Facebook Career Page

What's the reasoning behind having a Facebook career page that's separate from your standard corporate page and how does it help your recruitment efforts?

Chapter 6

Best Practices for Building a Facebook Career Page

How can you share your company culture in a way that’s consistent with your employer brand and your employee value proposition.

Chapter 7


Why it’s important to develop a comprehensive strategy for your corporate Facebook usage.