Facebook for Recruitment

Of the seven billion people on this planet, two billion use Facebook at least once a month. Each day, Facebook has more than a billion unique visitors. How can you leverage Facebook to spread your employer brand and source candidates? This guide will help.

Facebook for Recruitment


Tarina Pop about recruiting with Facebook
Monica Cocian about recruiting with Facebook


In this eBook, we’ll be discussing a tool that embodies many of the principles of modern talent acquisition: it rewards valuable, instructive content; it seeks to make businesses more open and accessible; and it pushes users to make their messages as relevant as possible to their target audiences.


We'll lay out the basic foundational knowledge to get you situated and provide you with guideposts for adapting your existing employer brand narrative on the world’s largest social network.

Targeting candidate personas on Facebook

What's inside

The top challenges and pitfalls that face recruiters on the world's largest social network—plus how to avoid them!

How to reach your target audience with timely and relevant content, even with Facebook's infamous algorithm working against you.

How Facebook ads can turn your employer branding efforts into a healthy and robust talent pipeline.