Talent Acquisition
Accelerated. Automated. Data-Driven.

SmartDreamers is a recruitment marketing automation software that acts as a center point solution for sourcing candidates. With SmartDreamers, companies become employers of choice, hiring faster, better and cost-effective.

The SmartDreamers automation technology helps bridge the gap between your ATS and your candidates

Rolled out across global enterprises

The world's leading companies use SmartDreamers as their business application platform for candidates sourcing, integrated within their recruitment software ecosystem.

SmartDreamers sits at the heart of our online talent acquisition ecosystem. Teams across the globe are using SmartDreamers to automate recruitment marketing operations.

Eleni Efstratiades

Talent Relationship Marketing




Liviu Anghel@3x

Liviu Anghel

Europe Recruitment Lead @Genpact

We are using SmartDreamers as a center point solution for candidate sourcing, integrated in our recruitment software ecosystem.


Andreea Nicolescu@3x

Andreea Nicolescu

Global Employer Brand Manager @Temenos

Implementing SmartDreamers had enabled us to measure the ROI of our employer branding activities, allowing us to fine-tune our strategy and maximise our time and effort.

Vitor Nascimento@3x

Vitor Nascimento

HR Tech Analyst @L'Oreal Brasil

Smartdreamers is more than a platform, it’s a way we are digitalizing our company and our EVP strategy. With the collaboration of the customer success team we are building a strong relationship with amazing results.

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