Talent Acquisition in the Tech Industry

It's a fact: Competition for top talent in the tech industry area has never been steeper, which is precisely why it needs a new approach. This book features wisdom and advice for tech recruiters facing a daunting recruitment market.



Adrian Cernat
Founder and CEO
Mihai Ceusan
Founder and CTO
Ovidiu Marginean
Product Marketing Manager

What’s inside

Chapter 1



How can technology jumpstart talent acquisition in an industry that
prides itself on progress and innovation.

Chapter 2

Recruitment Marketing Automation vs. The Tech Talent Shortage

A closer look at the why Recruitment Marketing Automation might be the answer to the tech industry’s recruiting woes.

Chapter 3

Crafting an Online Hiring Strategy

How can you craft an online strategy that will play up your strengths and really speak to your target audience?

Chapter 4

5 Tips for Hiring Developers Faster

What are some of the best approaches large and small tech companies alike can have to gain a recruiting advantage.

Chapter 5


While there aren’t necessarily any quick fixes for the challenges facing recruiters in this industry, there are best practices and proven tactics that can help tremendously.