Track Data From All Job Boards In One Place

SmartDreamers Automation and Measure modules enable you to automate data imports from all job boards—then gain valuable insights based on your KPIs.

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One dashboard for all your job postings

SmartDreamers gives your team access to the information they need to make smart, data-driven hiring decisions. Keep all of your teams in the loop throughout the recruitment cycle with a shared dashboard that highlights important KPIs and metrics from all of your active job listings.

Automate all advertising channels with one product

SmartDreamers is an recruitment marketing automation software, helping companies to advertise across the web and reach untapped talent.

Have a clear overview on each job board

Track which job boards and ads contribute the most to your hiring success. Does one job description prompt the right people to apply better than another? Is one portal in particular helping you trim down your time-to-fill? Get the full picture on how your job postings are impacting your talent acquisition and employer branding efforts from one intuitive, customizable dashboard.

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Implementing SmartDreamers had enabled us to measure the ROI of our employer branding activities, allowing us to fine-tune our strategy.


Andreea Nicolescu@3x

Andreea Nicolescu

Global Employer Brand Manager


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Measure ROI across channels

Which job boards are generating the best candidates? Which job ads are producing the best ROI? How's your cost-per-impression, cost-per-apply, or cost-per-hire? SmartDreamers provides easy answers to those questions with modern data visualizations and robust reporting options.

Make better decisions backed by the data

Better quality applications from job boards are the result of employer brand gravity and an excellent candidate experience. From end to end along your candidate journey, SmartDreamers offers you the tools to achieve exactly that.

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Your enterprise-ready solution

SmartDreamers integrates with your ATS and creates a streamlined process from the first interaction with the candidates to the hiring process.


Do it all with just one platform



Advertise on platforms across the web to engage with candidates where they spend time.



Create stylish, conversion-centric career pages and landing pages.



Understand your employer branding with data-driven insights.

See the product in action

In just 30 minutes, our team of specialists will analyze your talent acquisition ecosystem and showcase how SmartDreamers can help you in creating a talent marketing engine that integrates with your ATS.