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Our books have helped over 10,000 readers with everything from engaging with candidates on social media to data analysis. No crude PDFs. No sales pitches. Just quality information and insights.

The Employer Brand Playbook
Your company is a great place to work, and you’ve got a strong employer brand to show for it. But how do you turn that employer brand into a steady flow of qualified applicants?
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Facebook for Recruitment
What better place to spread your employer brand than the world's largest social network? Get a field guide to finding and sourcing qualified candidates on the Facebook, and learn more about the principles of modern talent acquisition.
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The Recruiter's Guide to Google Ads
Google is an indispensable tool in your daily job duties. In this eBook, we’ll show you how to turn this tool on its head, helping to ensure that potential job applicants are connecting with you, your company, and your employer brand. 
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Video Killed the Job Board Star
In this eBook, we offer an overview of the platform’s features, go over some best practices, and teach you how to create video content that will delight, dazzle, and amaze your candidate personas.
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Recruiting with Instagram
Get a handle on one of the most intriguing global social networks with more than 400 million daily active users and 1 billion monthly active users.
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A Snap is Worth 1,000 Words
In this eBook, we’ll give you a rundown of all the ways that employer branding on Snapchat differs from other channels, not just in terms of technical differences, but in terms of audience expectations.
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RPA in Talent Acquisition
How RPA Can (and Will) Define the Future of Recruitment
Right now, at this very minute, recruitment and hiring are undergoing a tectonic shift. The era of using traditional recruitment methods like recruiting agencies and posting on job boards is quickly coming to an end.
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Recruitment Marketing for Fast-Growing Startups
Recruitment Marketing for Fast-Growing Startups
Competing for talent with established players in your industry is hard enough under normal circumstances, but as a fast-growing startup you've got more open seats to fill every day, and hiring quickly has become mission critical.
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The Retailers Guide to Employer Branding-website-3
The Retailer's Guide to Employer Branding
Combating high turnover rates and tackling high volume recruiting is crucial for thriving in the competitive retail industry. In this eBook we'll be looking at industry-tested strategies on how you should approach these challenges, all the while creating a strong employer brand and providing a positive candidate experience.
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Recruitment Marketing in the Tech Industry -01-1
How Technology Can Jumpstart Talent Acquisition in the Tech Industry
Competition for top talent in this area has never been steeper. Doing things the old fashioned way just isn’t going to cut it anymore—which is precisely why the tech industry needs to adopt a new approach. This guide is based on recruitment marketing best practices from both our own experience and lessons we've learned from our customers.
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