Retarget career page visitors and drive more conversions and hires

Automatically re-engage target candidates to stay top-of-their minds and maximize conversion rates.

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Automate remarketing effortlessly

Implementing remarketing campaigns used to involve an outside advertising agency that may not understand your recruitment marketing strategy. SmartDreamers remarketing engine helps you scale remarketing within your talent acquisition team—speeding up the process and ensuring everyone stays on the same page.


Bring back your career site visitors

Candidates rarely apply the first time they visit a career site or job listing. With remarketing ads you can bring candidates back, tell your employer brand story and provide them with relevant content that answers their questions and gets them ready to click the "Apply Now" button.

Create Pixel-based retargeting campaigns

Use Facebook retargeting ads to keep your business at the front of a candidate's mind, elevating your employer's brand and EVP to get him to apply. If candidates are visiting your site, there's already an interest there, so leverage this interest by using retargeted ads to pull them back in and engage them again.


Drive hires much faster at a fraction of the cost

By combining technology with creativity, cross-channel retargeting can be used to capture target audiences' attention in a way that traditional recruitment methods can't. With this powerful tool in your recruitment strategy, you'll be able to boost visibility and create the right kind of conversations.

The right insights to optimize your retargeting campaigns

Have access to real-time, insightful, customizable reports that empower you to make smart, data-driven hiring decisions. You can stop, pause, increase or decrease your retargeting campaigns' budget within seconds.


Conduct retargeting campaigns like the team from Givaudan


"We are a small team, and technology can make the difference in terms of enhancing people’s capability. SmartDreamers helped us centralize our recruitment marketing data.”

Caroline Mancioppi
Recruitment Brand & Marketing Manager

Power your talent acquisition ecosystem and bring your visitors back!