RPA and the future of Recruitment

New and emerging technologies have always played a big part in the way that companies recruit. In this eBook will share strategic insights on how you can take advantage of Robotic Process Automation to scale your recruitment efforts.



Mihai Ceusan
Founder and CTO
Ana Maria Mares
Digital Analytics Strategist

What’s inside

Chapter 1

The Changing Face of Talent Acquisition

How does the global shortage of skilled labor impact the talent acquisition industry?

Chapter 2

What is Robotic Process Automation?

A closer look at Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how can robots work side-by-side with recruiters.

Chapter 3

No API? No Problem!

How can RPA workflows circumvent the limitations presented by recruitment sites that don't offer API integration?

Chapter 4

Recruiters Are People Too!

When we talk about robots, we’re really talking about people: people whose time has been freed up to concentrate on nurturing potential talent leads.

Chapter 5

UiPath: Paving the Way to Hypergrowth


How UiPath used RPA empowered workflows to attract and convert more, better job applicants.

Chapter 6

Genpact: How to Save Time and Influence People

How Genpact was able to reduce the amount of time that recruiters spent attracting job candidates on the web.

Chapter 7

The Future of RPA in Talent Acquisition

What does RPA mean for the future of talent acquisition and how can it help to put the focus of the HR industry back on human activities.