Measure The Success Of Your Social Media Efforts

SmartDreamers Reports empowers you to build a more effective recruitment marketing strategy by collecting data from all of your social media platforms in one place.

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All-in-one social media analytics

Measure and analyze you organic and paid campaigns from one intuitive and easy to customize dashboard. Get all key metrics from each social media platform in one view, then schedule automated reports to save even more time.

Automate all advertising channels with one product

SmartDreamers is an recruitment marketing automation software, helping companies to advertise across the web and reach untapped talent.

Have a clear overview for each channel

Track which channels contribute the most to your success. Gain actionable insight into how your social media efforts are impacting your talent acquisition and employer branding efforts to improve your candidate journey on all social media platforms.

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Implementing SmartDreamers had enabled us to measure the ROI of our employer branding activities, allowing us to fine-tune our strategy.


Andreea Nicolescu@3x

Andreea Nicolescu

Global Employer Brand Manager


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Track your social media ROI

Tracking ROI for social media channels can be a daunting task considering the gap between most sourcing ecosystems and your ATS. With SmartDreamers Measure, that gap is closed, combining data from your sourcing channels with data from your ATS for more comprehensive ROI tracking.

Make data-driven decisions

Budgeting should be a data-driven activity. Due to the complexity and fragmentation of the source data, you often end up making decisions that don't have the real ROI as a benchmark. With SmartDreamers, budgeting can be done with full clarity because you have ROI data for all sourcing channels at your finger tips.

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Your enterprise-ready solution

SmartDreamers integrates with your ATS and creates a streamlined process from the first interaction with the candidates to the hiring process.


Do it all with just one platform



Advertise on platforms across the web to engage with candidates where they spend time.



Create stylish, conversion-centric career pages and landing pages.



Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on disruptive strategies.

See the product in action

In just 30 minutes, our team of specialists will analyze your talent acquisition ecosystem and showcase how SmartDreamers can help you in creating a talent marketing engine that integrates with your ATS.