Sourcing Channels Analytics at your fingertips

Make smarter decisions with our unified real-time reporting dashboard. Track KPIs, sharpen the performance of your sourcing channels, and breathe life into your candidate experience

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The power of data-driven decisions


More applicants

Faster data interpretation

Traffic increase

Cost-per-hire optimization

Data-driven decisions made easy with sourcing channels analytics


Identify top candidate acquisition sources

Our real-time report dashboard allows you to see how many candidates have arrived at your system through your career website, social media, and via a specific campaign—allowing you to identify which channels to focus on and track the performance of your recruitment teams.


Real-time insight to optimize your campaigns

Real-time reports on the metrics that matter most to your business are at your fingertips. Always have an eye on your costs per click or impression – and improve your campaign's performance. With SmartDreamers Automation, all of your metrics from all platforms are available in one interface

Track the candidate's journey from Hi to Apply

SmartDreamers talent analytics collects data from all candidate journey touchpoints in one interface, making data interpretation effortless. Compare and analyze to get valuable insights on what needs improvement.

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Diversity stats that make an impact

Improve DEI outcome with real-time reporting on gender and demographic breakdowns, combined with candidate engagement data, revealing whether your diversity outreach efforts resonate with candidates.

Build powerful custom reporting dashboards in seconds

Your report, your metrics. No matter the KPIs that you want to track, with the SmartDreamers dashboards, you can create custom reports with over 100 metrics mapped from the entire talent acquisition ecosystem. Democratizing talent analytics has never been this easy.


Let the data show you the way, like the team from L'Oréal 


"We are using SmartDreamers to conduct recruitment marketing efficiently in over 30 markets across the globe"

Head of Employer Branding, L'Oréal

Discover the power of data-driven decisions in recruitment marketing today