The Employer Brand Playbook

More than 70% of candidates will take a business’ employer brand into consideration before they even send out an application. The Employer Brand Playbook provides an actionable framework for crafting a strong employer brand and engaging with candidates.

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Adrian Cernat
Founder and CEO
Ovidiu Marginean
Product Marketing Manager
Cristina Rotari
Customer Success Strategist

What’s inside

Chapter 1



What is it that attracts top talent to a company and what causes businesses to struggle and fail at finding strong culture fits for their organizations?

Chapter 2

How a Strong Brand Helps You Attract Top Talent

How the company's reputation and status can significant influence a candidate’s decision on whether or not to engage with the organization.

Chapter 3

Evaluating Your Employer Brand Awareness and Reputation

What exactly does a strong employer brand look like, and how do you measure its effectiveness?

Chapter 4

What Makes a Brand Stand Out?


How to differentiate yourself from the competition and convince job seekers that your organization isn’t just another 9-to-5.

Chapter 5

How to Use Social Media to Amplify Your Employer Brand

Leverage social media to attract and engage with potential candidates in different stages of the recruitment process.

Chapter 6

What Does the Candidate Journey Mean for Your Employer Brand?

Why employer branding is inextricably linked to both candidate experience and the candidate journey.

Chapter 7


Why now more than ever, every organization needs a comprehensive, long-term strategy for attracting high-quality recruits and developing a robust talent pipeline.