The Employer Brand Playbook

More than 70% of candidates will take a business’ employer brand into consideration before they even send out an application. The Employer Brand Playbook provides an actionable framework for crafting a strong employer brand and engaging with candidates.

The Employer Brand Playbook


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Your company is a great place to work, and you’ve got a strong employer brand to show for it. But how do you turn that employer brand into a steady flow of qualified applicants? What steps can recruiters take to engage their ideal candidates in a proactive way?


If you’re not sure how to answer these questions, fear not! We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to developing and promoting a strong brand narrative that speaks to your target audience.

Intro of the Employer Brand Playbook

What's inside

How to craft a strong employer brand that positions your company as an employer of choice within your field. 

How to reach passive and active job seekers alike by getting off the job boards and spreading your employer brand to social media.

Tips and best practices for translating your company's mission and culture into an engaging employee value proposition.