Chapter 6

Best Practices for Building a Facebook Career Page

How can you share your company culture in a way that’s consistent with your employer brand and your employee value proposition?


Cristina Rotari
Customer Success Strategist


So, let’s say you’re interested in creating a standalone career page on Facebook. How do you get started?

Essentially, the goal here is to share your company culture in a way that’s consistent with your employer branding, so that potential applicants can begin to envision what their day-to-day lives would be like working at your company (which, not coincidentally, is one of the top hurdles that candidates face in deciding where to work).

This means that much of the focus of your posts should be on your team. Do you have photos of team members having fun at a recent company event? Post ‘em!

What about pictures of people engaged in the type of work that they love doing, or employees learning from one another’s expertise? Share those too!

Again, the exact nature of what you post will be based on your employer brand and your employee value proposition (EVP). If your EVP is based in part on a cool, futuristic office space, you should present your audience with a lot of photos of that space, along with quotes from your employees on what it’s like to work there or what ideas went into the office design.

Conversely, if you’re attracting new recruits based on the chance to work closely with more experienced team members, present an image of two of your employees working in tandem.

While visual content like photos and videos will form the backbone of your content strategy, it’s also useful to highlight some of your employees’ stories with testimonials and similar content.



Remember: the best thing you can do is provide your audience with value. Yes, you’re trying to spread your employer brand, but you don’t want to come off as pushy, or seem like you’re only interested in making a sales pitch to potential employees

Consider offering helpful tips and information about your interview process, along with insight about what you look for in a candidate. Applicants appreciate transparency in the hiring process (and also want to be prepared), so there’s no reason to be coy about what an ideal employee looks like to you.

By giving information that will help them later down the line, you provide your followers with something of tangible value in exchange for their attention.

The same goes for sharing links to articles with helpful insight into job hunting or career development from third party sources.

Naturally, you should share any exciting, employment related news and articles from your company’s end, but if you’re posting multiple times a day (which you should be to maximize results), you’re going to want a lot of variety in your content.