Chapter 6

Genpact: How to Save Time and Influence People

How Genpact was able to reduce the amount of time that recruiters spent attracting job candidates on the web.


Ana Maria Mares
Digital Analytics Strategist


For the past 20 years, Genpact has managed to build a solid reputation as a leading provider of digital solutions for customers in a wide range of industries. The company now has nearly 80,000 employees on its payroll, and a recruitment process designed to attract the best candidates and strengthen their employer branding across the web.

Genpact turned to SmartDreamers looking for an innovative solution
to make achieving the above-mentioned goals quicker and more


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Specifically, their goal was to reduce the amount of time that recruiters spent attracting job candidates on the web, in order to bolster the overall efficiency of the HR department. After all, posting across a variety of different channels, setting ad budgets, tracking applications, and click-rates, and performing other rote tasks associated with recruitment marketing can easily become problematically time-consuming.

Thus, while Genpact would wind up implementing the same RPA-based technology that UiPath used, they would do so with a very different end goal. Whereas UiPath was interested in scaling its talent acquisition to keep pace with its meteoric growth, Genpact, already a large, global company, was seeking to leverage RPA technology into more convenient and efficient hiring. Rather than focusing on the sheer number of qualified applicants, Genpact was also particularly interested in the time it took recruiters to promote each open position.


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So, like UiPath, Genpact began rolling out recruitment advertising campaigns across more than a dozen online channels, including major social media sites like Facebook and YouTube. Here, the added ease and efficiency that’s inherent to SmartDreamers’ automation solution was again bolstered by RPA processes designed to connect them to platforms that wouldn’t otherwise offer the level of ease and integration that’s so crucial to efficiency.

Because of the nature of Genpact’s corporate structure, they had the added challenge of effectively targeting a large proportion of bilingual and trilingual candidates.

Ultimately, Genpact was able to automate advertising on a whole host of channels, including online communities, niche websites, online periodicals, and other publications, and popular news portals.


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Genpact’s recruiters were able to schedule campaigns across all of
these various sites with just a few clicks and measure their success
via easy-to-read visualizations and reports. They were able to reach
a wider pool of applicants than ever before, all without increasing the effort required to implement their strategies.

As a result, the time spent by recruiters on rote, repetitive tasks dropped off considerably.

What do we mean by “considerably?”


Screenshot 2020-07-29 15.51.57


With the help of our RPA-powered software, Genpact achieved a 736,588 reach among bilingual and trilingual candidates and spent 80% less time promoting jobs across the web.

With all of that time that would have otherwise been spent laborious
navigating the ads infrastructure of a host of far-flung websites, Genpact’s HR team was suddenly in a position to spend their time
on more impactful activities.