Chapter 2

The Mysteries of the Facebook Algorithm

What is the Facebook algorithm, how does it work and what does this mean for your recruitment marketing strategy?


Ana Maria Mares
Digital Analytics Strategist


Before we really dig in, let’s address the elephant in the room. In almost any discussion of Facebook, we have to bring up “The Algorithm”, i.e. the curation program that Facebook uses to determine who will be shown what piece of content at what moment.

If, over the past few years, you’ve noticed that it’s become harder to earn organic reach with your posts, that’s because of broad changes to Facebook’s algorithm that make posts by businesses less likely to appear in the newsfeeds of regular users.

Though this ostensibly improves the user experience, it does make things harder even for businesses that are following established best practices for reaching their target audiences organically.

Screenshot 2020-07-29 14.05.42When deciding whether or not to display your content even to people who have already liked your page, Facebook is interested in a few things: how many likes, comments, or shares does the content have, and how relevant is it to the people who would see it if they increased its viewership?

It’s because of this infamous algorithm that it’s extremely difficult to succeed at reaching a large audience on Facebook without leveraging at least a small ad budget.

For that reason, the first part of this eBook will focus largely on the nature of Facebook advertising and best practices for its use.