Instagram for Recruitment

Instagram represents an exciting new frontier in recruitment marketing, offering the chance to reach niche communities that might be hard to engage with on other sites. Learn how recruiting with Instagram works with the help of our new guide.

Instagram for Recruitment


Monica Cocian about recruiting with Instagram
Tarina Pop about recruiting with Instagram



If we told you that we were going to talk about a global social network with more than 400 million daily active users, 1 billion monthly active users, and one of the most sophisticated advertising platforms across all social media networks, which platform would you guess we were talking about? If you said Instagram, congratulations! You’ve got a real handle on one of the most intriguing platforms on the web right now.

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What's inside

How to translate your EVP and employer brand story into a purely visual medium to connect with passive job seekers.
An outline of Instagram's various visual storytelling options, including best practices to reach your target audience with attractive content.
Tips and tricks for creating and streamlining your talent pipeline in a way that will draw in your target candidate personas.