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    How to Define Your Employee Value Proposition

    In today’s red-hot market for top talent, it can be difficult for companies to stand out from the crowd. According to a recent poll, 57% of recruiters say their top challenge is differentiating their company from the competition, and with new businesses getting into the game all the time that task is only getting harder. What can businesses do to make an impression on potential ...
    SmartDreamers Team 20 September 4 minute read
    Can Recruitment Marketing Automation Decrease Time to Hire?
    Marketing automation is all the rage, and recruitment marketing is sure to follow the same trend into the world of automated workflows. But will it be worth the hype? ...
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    What Your Employer Brand Says to Potential Applicants
    There are too many definitions of marketing to count, but one of our favorites comes from Dr. Philip Kotler, who says, “Marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desi...
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    5 Steps for Crafting the Perfect Job Posting
    Not many people think of them in these terms, but job listings are actually important pieces of employer branding. Yes, they often (though not always) reach candidates...
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    The Top 5 Recruitment Channels in Japan
    It’s hardly a secret that the Japanese recruitment market is one of the toughest in the world. In Tokyo right now there are two job openings for every candidat...
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    How Your ATS Impacts Applicant Experience (And Why You Should Care)
    Okay, okay. We realize that it’s the opposite of what we promised in the title, but we’re going to talk about the importance of
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    The Recruitment Marketer's Guide to Lead Generation
    Let’s say you’re in the HR department at a promising new startup. One day, one of your most talented developers abruptly quits, giving no notice and taking no steps to...
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    The 5 Biggest Obstacles to Hiring Your Top Candidate
    Somewhere out there, right now, is the developer, or marketer, or manager who’s going to make a huge impact on your business. Let’s be optimists for a few minutes and ...
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    What is the Future of Employer Branding?
    There’s no denying that in the last few years employer branding has become a much more central piece of the talent acquisition puzzle. Talk to any recruiter or recruit...
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    5 Ways for Recruiters to Increase Apply Rates
    Anyone who works in recruiting can tell you that competition for talent is the most intense it’s been in years. As a result, most applicants can afford to be c...
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    Is Your ATS Causing Recruiting Silos?
    Let’s consider a hypothetical: you’re a recruitment marketer, and you’ve been promoting your
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    Recruiting Developers: Crafting an Online Hiring Strategy
    Recruiting a developer can be extremely time and resource intensive, often taking over a month and costing upwards of $30,000. Given this fact, and given the high leve...
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