bp Case Study

How bp Uses SmartDreamers for a Technology and Data-Driven Talent Marketing Strategy

The beginning

In 2022, bp embarked on a mission to streamline its global recruitment marketing efforts. Juggling multiple teams and agencies without a central platform to efficiently manage global operations was challenging, limiting go-to-market speed and efficiency.

Adopting a software-driven recruitment marketing strategy

During our initial conversations, we established a clear objective: to consolidate their recruitment marketing ecosystem with the help of the SmartDreamers AI Recruitment Marketing platform. This strategic shift aimed to enhance efficiency in recruitment marketing, providing improved visibility into operations across multiple markets.

Enter SmartDreamers: Our AI-powered recruitment marketing platform resonated with bp's data-driven approach and helped them with:
Consolidation & Efficiency:

  • Unified Dashboard: SmartDreamers provided a single platform to access data from all advertising channels (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Faster Campaign Deployment: Launching campaigns across multiple platforms became a breeze, saving valuable time.
  • Multi-Team Management: The platform facilitated seamless collaboration between bp's global recruitment marketing teams located throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

Measuring ROI beyond impressions and clicks

What left a lasting impression on us about the bp team was their strong commitment to a data-driven approach in recruitment marketing. Our product truly stood out when we presented it to them, and the "WOW factor" became palpable as we navigated through the extensive reporting pages.

"We base our talent acquisition decisions on data, with the primary goal of enhancing the candidate's experience with bp. Consequently, having consolidated data and real-time access is indispensable for us."

Mike Jones
Global Talent Attraction Lead @ bp

Within the SmartDreamers platform, bp consolidates information from various channels and interactions throughout the candidate's journey:

  • Real-time import of social media metrics, including impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, CPM, and other relevant metrics from all channels;
  • Google Analytics integration to gain insights into the candidate's experience on the career website;
  • Integration of ATS data to track recruitment process stages, connecting data from the initial interaction to the hiring process.
Analytics BP

Consolidating global recruitment marketing operations

Operating on a global scale, bp is engaged in large-scale recruitment marketing efforts, necessitating the participation of numerous teams in the process. To bring all these operations together within a unified software solution, we’ve implemented a structured approach to account setup. This involves an admin account managed by the HQ team, complemented by 12 additional sub-accounts, each tailored to specific regions.

The outcome of this approach is the transformation of what was once a highly fragmented recruitment marketing ecosystem into a centralized and streamlined system seamlessly integrated within the SmartDreamers platform. This unified structure enhances efficiency, coordination, and data management across all facets of bp's global recruitment marketing efforts.

Scaling recruitment marketing as a core component of talent acquisition strategy

For bp, recruitment marketing and employer branding are not isolated, short-term initiatives; rather, they constitute an ongoing and integral part of the company's talent acquisition strategy. This approach recognizes that recruitment marketing is not just a one-time effort but a continuous process that plays a pivotal role in attracting top talent.
By leveraging the power of recruitment marketing, bp extends its reach to a broader and more diverse audience while also enhancing the pace at which it can hire candidates worldwide. This strategy ensures that the company is not only able to identify and engage with a wide range of potential candidates but also maintain a steady and efficient flow of new talent into the organization. In essence, recruitment marketing becomes a driving force behind bp's sustained success in talent acquisition. We are privileged to bring the element of technology within bp’s success story.

We're proud to be a part of bp's success story, empowering them with technology to achieve their recruitment marketing goals.

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