UiPath Case Study

Building An Online Talent Pipeline Machine

As recently as 2014, UiPath had less than $1M in recurring revenue. In just 6 years, the company has grown its ARR to over $400M, making it the fastest growing B2B software company in history. This unprecedented level of growth came with certain challenges.

AdsWizz reduces time to fill by 60%
AdsWizz Case Study

How AdsWizz reduces time to fill by more than 60%

In 2018, they were acquired by Pandora Media which meant they were growing rapidly, and had to hire 140 people in under a year -- a significant increase to the existing team.

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Renault Case Study

Renault’s Journey to Employer Branding Success

Groupe Renault has 180,000 employees worldwide, including 18,000 in Romania alone—and in order to build up such a strong, diverse global team they’ve had to be as innovative in their recruiting as they are in their products.

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Renault's journey to establish its employer brand
Genpact reduced time spend with job promotion by 80%
Genpact Case Study

How Genpact Recruiters Cut their Time Spent Promoting Jobs by 80%

For the past 20 years, Genpact has managed to build a solid reputation as a global leader in providing digital solutions to its customers in a wide range of industries.

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Eaton Case Study

A Winning Strategy for Reaching Top Talent

EATON is one of the leading employers in the power management field, with almost 100,000 employees who work in 175 countries.

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Eaton employees about reaching top talent

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