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Add your magic to ours 

We're looking for ambitious colleagues to help reshape recruitment in a way that makes a difference. Join our growing team and contribute to smart solutions that impact recruiters and job seekers around the world. 

Open positions

You'll feel motivated to grow with us 

As a fast-growing company, we know how important it is to be ambitious, aspire to great things, and constantly work on improving ourselves.


You'll get better by learning from more experienced colleagues

When it comes to communicating amongst ourselves, we think that listening is just as important as expressing yourself.


You'll get to flex those problem-solving muscles 

Building a startup meant we had to overcome our fair share of challenges. The way we did this was: instead of directing a lot of energy and resources to focusing on the problem, we invested in searching for the best solution. 


You'll feel encouraged to express yourself

At SmartDreamers, we genuinely trust each other. This makes it easier to come forward with our mistakes or concerns and talk them over as a team. 


You'll always be treated with respect

You won't find any big egos around here that need to be massaged. Nobody feels the need to boss people around, because we think we're stronger as a team when it comes to achieving our goals 


Let's say you're a recruitment marketer trying to reach passive job candidates on various niche platforms across the web. You know that active job seekers make up only 20% of candidates. You know that in order to reach the other 80% (many of whom would gladly switch jobs for the right company) you have to go where they are, and you've endeavored to do so, rolling out a recruitment marketing campaign on the sites where your ideal candidate personas spend their time, with the hopes of familiarizing them with your employer brand and your EVP. One problem: how do you know if your campaign is working? 

Current openings
Software Project Manager
Business Development Manager
Enterprise Customer Succes Manager
Software Developer - RPA
Targu Mures
Marketing Designer & Video Editor
Marketing Designer & Video Editor
Marketing Designer & Video Editor