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We’re looking for ambitious colleagues to help reshape recruitment in a way that makes a difference. Join our growing team and contribute to smart solutions that impact recruiters and job seekers around the world.


You'll feel motivated to grow with us

As a fast-growing company, we know how important it is to be ambitious, aspire to great things, and constantly work on improving ourselves.

You'll get better by learning from more experienced colleagues

When it comes to communicating amongst ourselves, we think that listening is just as important as expressing yourself.

You'll get to flex those problem-solving muscles

Building a startup meant we had to overcome our fair share of challenges. The way we did this was: instead of directing a lot of energy and resources to focusing on the problem, we invested in searching for the best solution.

You'll feel encouraged to express yourself

At SmartDreamers, we genuinely trust each other. This makes it easier to come forward with our mistakes or concerns and talk them over as a team.

You'll always be treated with respect

You won't find any big egos around here that need to be massaged. Nobody feels the need to boss people around, because we think we're stronger as a team when it comes to achieving our goals.

How we thrive


Thinking outside the box and inspiring change

Creative thinking is a living, breathing part of our internal culture because we've come to realize that creative ideas are often the ones that can revamp established systems and lead to big changes—the kind of changes that really matter.


Technology is power

No surprise here: we think technology is an engine that sparks growth. We strongly believe that today's recruitment challenges can be solved by mixing drive and passion with the right technology.


Innovation is the heart of our success

We are changing the way recruiters manage their hiring process by making job advertisement across the web more accessible than ever. We're also helping job seekers uncover new career opportunities—all by leveraging new technology.


Providing real value

We're passionate about creating valuable connections between job seekers and top employers by providing software that really makes a difference.


Focusing on finding solutions that help us push forward

We like to challenge ourselves so that we can create better solutions that empower recruiters to better face their own challenges.


Be sincere

We value trust, respect, and transparency. We do our best work when we put our egos aside and lead with empathy.

Sales Engineer 


Marketing Analytics Specialist


Frontend Developer

Targu Mures

Software Developer

Targu Mures, Remote

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If you haven't found the right job for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We are growing and always looking for people who can join the journey and help shape the future of recruitment technology.