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Changing Recruitment. Together.

We’re looking for ambitious colleagues to help reshape recruitment in a way that makes a difference. Join our growing team and contribute to smart solutions that impact recruiters and job seekers around the world.

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Be a Part of Something Big. Come Work with Us. 

Grow with us

As a fast-growing company, we know how important it is to be ambitious, constantly improve ourselves, and aspire to great things. We started with a really small (but smart!) team and have managed to grow significantly within the last couple of years. The best is yet to come, and you can be a part of the exciting things on the horizon.


Learn from others

When it comes to communicating among ourselves, we think that listening is just as important as speaking. We’ve already learned a ton just by taking the time to listen to one another's ideas. We still have plenty more to learn. If you come work with us, you’ll be part of an environment where good communication is a top priority—even on those chaotic, hair-raising, crazy-busy days. This is why we succeed together.


Flex those problem-solving muscles

Building a startup has meant overcoming our fair share of challenges. Our preferred way of problem solving is to meet challenges head-on, spending our time on solutions instead of negativity. This goal-oriented approach has helped us reach important milestones so far, and we’re confident it will help us reach even greater ones in the future. If you’re a go-getter who loves a challenge, you’ll fit right in.


Express yourself

At SmartDreamers, we genuinely trust each other. This makes it easier to come forward with our mistakes or concerns and talk them over as a team. In our case, that’s the best way to learn, move forward, and ultimately improve. If you join our team, you’ll always find someone to help you out when you need it.


Be treated with respect—always

You won’t find any big egos around here that need to be massaged. Nobody feels the need to boss others around, because we know that when it comes to achieving our goals, we’re always stronger as a team. 


Wake up for a job you love
We would not have reached this point without a great deal of passion for what we do. Passion is an essential component of our internal culture and something we look for in all our future colleagues. If you’re excited about changing the world of recruitment, we look forward to meeting you!
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We are often asked what is the number one thing we look at when it comes to hiring someone. Our answer is simple: it is the drive; this is what brought us here!


Adrian, CEO

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What I like most is the dynamic of the team. Once a new idea is on the table and we all agree it's a good one, it is implemented in no time.


Andra, Technical Project Manager

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Developing features used by Fortune 500 companies is something that makes us proud.


Mihai, CTO

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