Building The Ultimate Career Website

In the "Building The Ultimate Career Website" book we share everything we’ve learned about creating a careers website with a candidate-centric strategy and how to leverage the best from the world of marketing into your career website.



Packed with game-changing best practices, this whitepaper is your go-to resource for building a captivating career website that will have top talent flocking to your virtual doorstep. Discover the secrets behind irresistible user interface design, unleash the power of interactive features, and harness the potential of data analytics for continuous improvement. Get ready to supercharge your talent acquisition as you unlock the ultimate guide to building a career website that surpasses the competition by a long shot.

What are the benefits of maintaining an outstanding career website?

Maintaining an outstanding career website includes improved visibility, better recruitment opportunities, and access to a larger talent pool—more about these benefits within the chapter.

Building the career website

When building a career website, there are certain key elements that cannot be overlooked, such as defining your target audience, establishing your EVP (Employee Value Proposition), and mapping out the candidate journey. This chapter covers each of these aspects and also provides a comprehensive list of other items to consider when creating your career website.

Examples of best practices and  things to avoid

This whitepaper showcases best practices for building or optimizing your career website while also flagging common mistakes that can prevent visitors from becoming applicants.

Design and content

Your career's website design can make or break it to turn visitors into applicants. Discover the best practices in terms of UI/UX and the common mistakes to avoid.

Optimizing The Career Website

Optimizing your careers page for search engines is crucial yet it can be challenging. Within this chapter, we covered everything you need to know when it comes to SEO, mobile experience, and storytelling.

Finding the CMS that works in synergy with your ATS

Learn more about career websites CMS that works with your ATS without having to replace it.  A CMS that provides powerful features like built-in SEO support, automated backups, and secure hosting to make sure your data is safe, is a dream come true for every Talent Attraction team.