Transforming talent acquisition without replacing the ATS

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. With over 300,000 employees and operations across the globe, Infosys is using SmartDreamers as the center point solution for all recruitment marketing processes.


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August 2020


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Our journey with Infosys started with a meeting at the Infosys offices in New York City when we meet with Rajesh Ahuja, Sr. Vice President & Head of Talent Acquisition. It was February 2020 - little did we know that the meeting would be the last face-to-face for the next two years. We knew from the get-go that there is a synergy between our solution and Infosys' challenges in talent acquisition.
Infosys is using IBM Kenexa as an ATS. On top of the ATS, there are a series of processes related to recruitment marketing that were conducted with multiple tools and vendors, creating a fragmented talent acquisition ecosystem. The challenges in managing recruitment marketing efficiently were amplified in correlation with the size of the company (the higher the volume of processes, the bigger the problem).
Infosys Talent Acquisition Funnel

Optimizing Talent Attraction

Given the talent market context, one in which the candidates are less active as job-seekers, Infosys required a solution to efficiently reach candidates where they spend their time: social media. Working with agencies implied high costs and fragmented processes, with a lack of visibility of real-time data.


"Talent Marketing is a strategic initiative at Infosys and we have chosen SmartDreamers to manage all recruitment marketing processes in a unified platform."

Rohit Sharma, AVP Head Talent Acquisition

Infosys decided to embrace technology for talent attraction by using the SmartDreamers Talent Attraction module, a one-stop shop for social media recruitment. Campaigns on Google, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and others platforms are created and tracked within the SmartDreamers platform.

By using SmartDreamers Talent Attraction, Infosys democratized social media recruitment and:

  • reduced go-to-market campaigns time by 12X;
  • Increase the career page traffic by 23%;
  • collected data 9X faster in a unified interface;
  • increased the employer brand awareness;
  • deployed campaigns in new markets for high-volume hiring.


Optimizing the Career Page

With the Talent Attraction funnel segment optimized, the next step was creating an outstanding experience for users across all career pages.

Users had a different experience on the career website homepage and the pages managed via the ATS (job listing, job description, and application form). As such, the conversion rate was negatively impacted by inconsistent experience for the users and a lack o data tracking accuracy for understanding the user behavior.

With the integration between SmartDreamers CMS and IBM Kenexa, the Infosys team was able to bring all pages under one URL, delivering an outstanding layout and design for an optimized user experience. On top of the upgraded pages, the Infosys team was able to:

  • Increase the conversion rate by 24%;
  • Create custom forms at scale, integrated with the ATS;
  • Deploy landing pages on the fly;
  • Create sophisticated email flows connected with the forms;
  • Rely on the SmartDreamers support for continuous UX improvement.
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Creating a real-time data dashboard that unifies all metrics from the candidate's journey

If there was one thing that stood out in the meetings with Infosys it was the data-driven approach. Consolidating data from the entire candidate's journey was the north star for the Infosys team. For us, it was a challenge accepted!

Currently, data from advertising channels, career and landing pages, and the ATS is centralized in the SmartDreamers Talent Analytics module and delivered in real-time.


Working with A F1,000 company

We are privileged to have a customer such as Infosys. For us and Infosys, setting up the technology foundation for all recruitment marketing processes is not a "set and forget" - it is a continuous process that aligns Infosys's talent acquisition ecosystem with the latest market trends.

Drive talent acquisition transformation like Infosys does