Upgrading the careers website without replacing the ATS

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. With over 300,000 employees and operations across the globe, Infosys is using SmartDreamers as the center point solution for all recruitment marketing processes.

The context

The TA Infosys team was on a quest to enhance their careers website in a way that would significantly improve the experience for job candidates. Serving as the primary gateway for prospective talent, the careers website played a pivotal role in Infosys' talent acquisition strategy. The company aimed for more than just superficial improvements; their goal was to elevate the entire candidate journey on the website, from the landing page through the application process. Achieving this was complicated by the fact that the job listings, descriptions, and application forms were all managed by their Applicant Tracking System, which was primarily designed for recruitment rather than optimizing candidate experience.

Our initial meeting with Infosys occurred at their New York City office in February 2020. Right from the outset, we were impressed by the company's commitment to substantive, transformational change within its talent acquisition framework. We accepted the challenging task of revamping their careers website while keeping their existing ATS intact.

The implementation

Prior to initiating the implementation process, our team of experts carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the existing careers website. Based on our findings, we crafted a new design layout focused on enhancing the candidate experience. Throughout the first month, a series of collaborative meetings between Infosys and SmartDreamers teams took place to meticulously refine the new design before transitioning it to a live environment. Concurrently, we established an API integration between SmartDreamers and Brassring.

The journey from initial design conceptualization to deployment spanned approximately four months. The final two weeks before the launch were specifically earmarked for rigorous testing. This involved validating the integration between SmartDreamers application forms and Brassring, as well as scrutinizing the design layout across both mobile and desktop.



The analytics setup

Creating a careers website is not a one-time effort but rather an ongoing process that requires consistent monitoring and refinement. In line with this strategy, the integration of SmartDreamers Analytics was a central component. The analytical framework provided insights into key metrics like candidate journey pathways on main pages, drop-off rates on application forms, and detailed conversion rates segmented by source. To ensure data-driven optimization, A/B testing was deployed on the main pages to identify the most effective layouts, rather than relying on assumptions.



The results

The revamped careers website has significantly improved the candidate experience, leading to a 24% uptick in conversion rates. Consequently, budget allocation across all sourcing channels has been optimized, resulting in more applications and successful hires from each platform.

Overall results:

  • Conversion rate optimized by 24%;
  • 12X faster implementation for new pages (such as campaign landing pages);
  • Full control of the careers website for the TA team;
  • Automated CRM for each candidate journey;
  • Advanced Analytics for all pages and forms;
  • Eliminated the mandatory account creation;
  • Created a competitive edge in a highly competitive market.

"By using the SmartDreamers CMS, we built the career website we envisioned without replacing our ATS."

Rohit Sharma, AVP Head of Talent Acquisition


During the phase following implementation, an initial six-week period has been set aside for in-depth analysis aimed at uncovering any possible issues. Subsequently, monthly discussions have been scheduled to review analytics and execute optimizations.

Additionally, Infosys TA was granted complete editing control over all pages, forms, and workflows within CMS, enabling them to make real-time adjustments. This has lessened the reliance on the IT team and led to a twelvefold increase in the implementation of new pages.

Other SmartDreamers modules used by Infosys

Talent Attraction

Utilizing the SmartDreamers Talent Attraction module enabled Infosys to boost career website traffic by 24% and tap into a fresh candidate pool across various platforms like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Instagram, among others. The module comes with an analytics feature, providing the Infosys team with real-time access to performance data for their social media campaigns in a consolidated platform.


Using the SmartDreamers CRM, automated email sequences have been established for each form and database, aiming to create a seamless and effective communication channel with candidates at every stage of their journey. This ensures that candidates are engaged and well-informed, contributing to a more positive overall experience. The CRM also incorporates an email analytics component, empowering the team to monitor the effectiveness of their email campaigns. This real-time insight enables them to make data-driven adjustments as needed, optimizing the communication strategy for better results.


Increase the career website conversion by 24%, like Infosys did