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Create personalized experiences to attract and convert top talent. SmartDreamers gives you a complete suite of products to build your employer brand, social media campaigns, and career site to convert the best candidates.

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Social media advertising

Amplify employer brand visibility, attract more talent, and increase the diversity of your talent pools through the power of social media.

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Bring visitors back

Easy retargeting for recruitment marketing to re-engage target candidates to stay top-of-mind and maximize conversion rates.

Employer branding

Cut through the noise by building a strong employer brand with the right message to grab top talent's attention.


Diversity and inclusion

Be intentional about your DEI strategy and gather diverse information from candidates across your interactions. Nurture key audiences with relevant content and keep them engaged with your company.

Conduct social media recruitment like the team from L’Oréal


"We are using SmartDreamers to conduct recruitment marketing efficiently in over 30 markets across the globe"

Head of Employer Branding, L'Oréal

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