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How to Design the Perfect Job Landing Page

At one time or another, we’ve all been there: scrolling through your phone, you come across a job posting or an ad for a position that looks interesting. You click the link, and it takes you to a landing page that loads at glacial speeds. A second before you would have closed on the window and gone on with your day, the page finally loads—and it’s a mess. It’s clearly not optimized for mobile, and it’s got endless dry paragraphs of awkwardly formatted text, all in print too tiny to read.


At this point, most of us have given up, but if you soldier on you’re eventually presented with a deeply infuriating application, with no autofill functionality, no way to save, and potentially more than an hour’s worth of redundant forms to fill out.

  • Jul 03
  • 5 min read

Why Recruitment Marketing Automation is the Future of Hiring

If you had a crystal ball, and you asked what the future of HR and talent acquisition was going to look like, what do you think you would see? For many of you, the world that’s coming to mind is defined by AI-powered chatbots and advanced algorithms for sorting potential candidates. You might even be picturing a world where job interviews are enhanced with augmented-reality applications and analyzed in real time to help optimize hiring decisions.


  • Jun 17
  • 4 min read

7 Emerging Trends in Talent Acquisition in 2020

And just like that, we find ourselves almost tending the second half of 2020.


As we reflect back, there are encouraging signs that some of the trends we saw first emerge in late 2019/early 2020 are not only still going strong but are in fact ramping up for a big close to the year. 


We’ve gathered our top 7 of these trends, the ones we see not only going strong, but gathering steam and getting set to make an even bigger impact on talent acquisition not only today, but well into the future.

  • Jun 10
  • 7 min read

AI vs. RPA: What’s the Difference (and Why Should Recruiters Care?)

Why did you get into recruiting?

  • Jun 05
  • 5 min read

Best Practices for a Career Newsletter To Drive Conversions

A career-focused email newsletter is a fantastic way to keep your talent pool updated on company happenings, alert them to new openings, and generally ensure that you and your company stay top-of-mind.

  • May 28
  • 7 min read

How (and Why) You Should Track Your Recruitment Marketing Results

Here’s the thing about recruitment marketing: it’s complicated. Not so much in theory, but in practical fact an effective recruitment marketing strategy has a ton of moving parts and potentially dozens of individual pieces of content spread across multiple channels and media.


This is, of course, the goal—you need lots of content in order to develop employer brand gravity and generate any amount of inbound pull to your careers page.


At the same time, however, it can often be really difficult to figure out what’s working and what’s not.

  • May 20
  • 5 min read

How to Track the Entire Talent Acquisition Funnel

Candidate journey, recruitment funnel, applicant funnel, talent acquisition funnel...so many trips and funnels it can be hard to keep them all straight, let alone know which to focus your attention and energy on.


While the topic of all these funnels and journeys is more than enough subject matter for a lengthy book, today we’re focusing on one and how to go about tracking your candidates as the make their way from first-time reader to happy new hire.

  • May 13
  • 9 min read

How to Turn Your Startup Story Into Your EVP


  • Apr 27
  • 5 min read

How Automation Makes Life Easier in a Candidate's Market

By now, you’ve heard us talk about the wonders of recruitment marketing automation (RMA) and all the joy it can bring to your recruiting efforts. You’ve also listened to us go on about how it’s a candidate’s market out there.


Have you made the connections?


Just in case, we want to take this opportunity to dive into the variety of ways RMA can make everyone’s lives a bit easier given the current job market.

  • Apr 08
  • 5 min read

How to Manage Your Employer Brand Through the Coronavirus Crisis

  • Apr 01
  • 7 min read

How Social Media Is Changing Recruitment

The recruiting world has undergone a seachange in the last few years. Actually, it’s seen several in rapid succession, with each new wave sweeping over the HR landscape bringing with it cutting-edge technology and better, more efficient ways to do recruiting.

  • Mar 17
  • 8 min read

How Big Players in Retail Do Employer Branding

Over the last decade, retail sales and jobs have continued to grow.


In the US, the sales have been growing steadily since 2015.


  • Mar 05
  • 10 min read

Why (and How) Recruiters Should Segment Their Audience

If you’re a recruiter, a hiring manager, or a recruitment marketer, take a second to think about your existing team. At a medium or large company, you’re likely to see a lot of diversity. People of different ages, different experience levels, and different goals or interests.

  • Feb 20
  • 4 min read

What Makes Recruitment Data-driven?

Data. Is. Everywhere.

  • Feb 12
  • 6 min read

Why Should Recruiters Focus on Passive Job Seekers?

Think back over your last 9-10 hires. Where were they sourced?

  • Feb 04
  • 5 min read

How Recruiters Can Get More Out of Google Analytics

“Data-driven recruiting.” Has a nice, cutting-edge, 21st-century sound, doesn’t it?


The question is, just what is data-driven recruiting and how can you go about getting some for your company? 

  • Jan 28
  • 5 min read

The Top Channels for BPO Recruitment

Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is a dispersed industry by nature. As such, operations need to be agile, lean, and able to scale up to meet demands with little or no notice. When you combine those needs with the fact that the primary demographic of BPO workforce being Generation Z (18-25 years old), you start to see the complications in hiring for this industry.

  • Jan 21
  • 5 min read

How EU Tech Companies Build an Employer Brand in a Market Hungry for Talent

The Star-Trek like future...is happening today.


  • Jan 09
  • 9 min read

5 Predictions for Recruitment in 2020

We don’t have to tell you that the HR world is ever-changing and that to keep up recruiters in particular need to be fast on their feet, able to pivot and change course mid-stream. That said, there are some constants, like putting candidates first. Or that personalized communication will always trump bland boilerplate.

  • Dec 17
  • 5 min read
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