Announcing SD Attract 3.0: transform your sourcing ecosystem into a talent pipeline engine.

After six months and more than 7,000 hours of development, we are excited to announce SD Attract 3.0.

We are privileged to work with companies using SD Attract across the globe and gather feedback from visionary employer branding and talent acquisition leaders. The result is a sourcing automation engine built by talent acquisition specialists for the new online sourcing environment.

So far, more than 25,000 campaigns have been created with SD Attract 3.0. The next 100,000 will be built faster and better.

What's new?

AI Creatives

Add multiple photos (A/B testing) and let the algorithm allocate the budget towards the best-performing ad. Budget optimization is now done at a whole new level!

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Google search ads 

Easily create ads that target visitors based on what they are searching on Google. Take your career website on the front page of the internet. 


LinkedIn message ads 

Send direct messages to your potential candidate to spark immediate action. 

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Facebook Jobs 

Reach job seekers where they are already spending their time – on Facebook. The integration between SmartDreamers and the ATS automated the import of the candidates that have applied directly on Facebook to each of the jobs in the ATS.

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Boost posts

Quickly boost organic posts directly from the ad builder. For example, if your company has won an employer branding award, most likely, there will be a post created on social media channels. You can easily boost the post from the campaign builder.

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Location Targeting Enhancements 

Add more granularity to the location targeting where possible. ( e.g., Zip Code, DMA Regions, Neighbourhoods).

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Othe features and improvements

We've added more capabilities within the campaign builder for each advertising channel, from targeting enhances to landing pages selection and others, making SD Attract so much more powerful.


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