Driving Talent Acquisition Innovation at a Global Scale Using SmartDreamers

The beginnings

Our journey with L'Oréal started at the beginning of 2019. From our first meeting in Paris, one thing was clear: L'Oréal embraces recruitment marketing as a core strategy within the talent acquisition ecosystem, with the candidate at the center stage. For us, it was a clear sign of synergy between our solution and L'Oréal's recruitment marketing operations structure. A few months later, the stars aligned, and it was time to map the SmartDreamers product onboarding in the first six countries.


Scaling and managing talent marketing in an enterprise environment comes with many challenges if you don't have the right solutions. 
Companies end up in highly fragmented processes when implementing recruitment marketing, accessing multiple tools from various vendors, and being bound to manage operations separately. Add the complex structure of a global company, with multiple distributed teams, and challenges grow exponentially.
Efficiently implementing recruitment marketing in an enterprise requires:
- A scalable go-to-market system with a solution accessible to all teams;
- Training and Upskilling your workforce;
- Consolidated, easily accessible data with analytics dashboards available to all groups for fast decision-making;
- A solution that's connected to your existing talent acquisition software ecosystem to streamline processes
- Engaging stakeholders on the importance of a consistent talent marketing strategy


Scaling and democratizing recruitment marketing

L'Oréal started using the SmartDreamers solution in six countries.
The objective was to set up a collaboration structure that allows additional markets to adopt the SmartDreamers technology effortlessly, consolidate global talent marketing efforts in a unified platform, and provide the Global HQ team to oversee brand alignment in all markets.


"We've started using SmartDreamers in 6 markets and scaled to over 30 in a year."

Lisa MacNeill, Global Employer Brand Manager

Managing SmartDreamers is easy because each local team has a dedicated account within the SmartDreamers platform (sub-account) to drive their initiatives, review performance, and manage their budgets.

The HQ (Paris) can supervise global performance via the Admin account, where all talent marketing operations and data are centralized.

Branding channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Google, YouTube, Reddit, Snapchat, and many more are available to all teams.

The performance data from all channels is then imported, in real time, into the SmartDreamers reporting dashboards, drastically reducing the time needed to analyze ROI, both locally and globally.
From a decentralized and highly fragmented process, L'Oréal and SmartDreamers have built a consolidated system, empowering teams to use the latest tools and techniques to attract and engage with talent while optimizing the entire funnel.



Talent acquisition transformation at an F500 company

We are privileged to have L'Oréal as a customer for over three years. In collaboration with L'Oréal, we have an ideal mix between scalability and the appetite to innovate a candidate-centric strate

Drive talent acquisition transformation as L'Oréal does