Meet SmartDreamers
The Recruitment Marketing Operating System

Streamline your talent acquisition process and attract top talent effortlessly with the AI-Powered Recruitment Marketing platform, an enterprise-ready solution. Find talent faster.

Talent Attraction

Talent attraction at scale and speed, letting you identify, reach and engage talent directly.
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Candidate experience

Custom career site that uplifts your employer brand and enhances your EVP. at every turn.
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Talent Analytics

Data-driven decisions by measuring and tracking the performance of every step of the process.
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AI Automation

Powered by ChatGPT

Boost productivity, build, engage, and track talent pipelines, automating tasks while saving time and budget.
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Trusted by world's leading companies

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Working in perfect synergy with your ATS

The SmartDreamers Recruitment Marketing Operating System integrates seamlessly with your ATS, unifying all recruitment marketing operations within a single platform and optimizing your talent acquisition workflow. With SmartDreamers, you can enhance the candidate experience without replacing your current ATS.


End-to-end integration:

  • Job feed import
  • Candidates import from custom-built forms
  • Source of hire tracking
  • Email sequences synchronization with candidate status
  • Job-status synchronization with jobs ads

The all-in-one platform for recruitment marketing

  • Talent Attraction
  • Talent Experience
  • Talent Analytics
  • Automation

Talent Attraction

Drive hires much faster at a fraction of the cost

Talent marketers and recruiters can easily create, customize and automate personalized campaigns that convert target candidates into applicants, all in one place faster and easier. No technical experience is required.

  • 35% traffic increase
  • 25% cost reduction 
  • 12X faster time to market

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Talent Experience

On-brand communication from Hi to Apply 

Create a custom career site that showcases your employer's brand and culture. Build highly effective landing pages and elevate your EVP, all within an easy-to-use, mobile-first, SEO-optimized, Google-friendly platform.

  • 35% more traffic
  • 21% increased conversion
  • 70% + hires from career site

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Talent Analytics

The power of data results in real-time

See everything and miss nothing. All your campaigns across platforms and their data are under one roof. Comprehensive reporting shows you which campaigns are converting top talent and lets you track ROI, benchmark successes, and optimize your strategy based on real-time data.

  • 25% cost reduction
  • 27% faster time-to-fill 
  • 35% more traffic

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Automated Engagement

Engage with the audiences across the talent journey through a multi-channel approach. Leverage emails, campaigns, SMS messages, and events to cultivate meaningful relationships to turn them from candidates to employees.

  • 75% increased engagement
  • 25% increased application rate
  • 21% cost optimization

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Why choose SmartDreamers?

Scales effortlessly

Whether you use one or more modules, all modules are built so that you can easily scale from one team to all teams globally. 

Global team management

The account can be set up with multiple sub-accounts depending on the structure of your global team. The HQ teams have access to the master account, with global overviews of all activities.

Enterprise-grade security

Our advanced security integrations fold seamlessly into your corporate policies and workflow

GDPR compliant

We are always committed to respecting privacy and keeping personal data safe, in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and our customers' expectations.

Frictionless onboarding

Our team will assess your talent acquisition ecosystem and identify the optimal fit for the SmartDreamers platform. The platform is ready to use in days, not months.

Top-notch integrations

We understand that each partnership is different and has different needs. We take care of any API integrations you need to build a single source of truth for talent data and skills.

Driving talent acquisition transformation at the world's leading companies


faster campaigns implementation with SmartDreamers in over 30 markets using a unified platform.


increased conversion rate on the career website by improving the candidate experience with the SmartDreamers CMS.


cost reduction in managing recruitment marketing advertising while  tracking the entire candidate journey.  

Are you ready to take your recruitment marketing to the next level?