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Accelerate and Automate Talent Acquisition From Awareness to Conversion

SmartDreamers platform integrates with your ATS to accelerate and automate all processes from candidate attraction to conversion and nurturing, creating a far better candidate experience and a streamlined data-driven ecosystem.


Trusted by the world's leading companies


The #1 Business Application For Recruitment Marketing Automation. Covering 90% of the candidate journey.

Attract and engage candidates across the web


Advertise across the web and engage with candidates where they spend time.


Measure your talent acquisition efforts


Understand your employer branding with data-driven insights.


Create conversion-centric career and landing pages


Create stylish, conversion-centric career pages and landing pages.


Automate your recruitment processes


Spend less time on repetitive tasks and more time on disruptive strategies.


  • With SmartDreamers
  • Without SmartDreamers




No SmartDreamers


Drive success at every stage of the candidate journey

We believe that the key to a successful hire is inspiring the right audience
and engaging with those who are aligned with your mission and values. And our clients agree.

SmartDreamers sits at the center of our online talent acquisition ecosystem. Teams across the globe are using SmartDreamers to automate recruitment marketing processes.

Eleni Efstratiades
Talent Relationship Marketing

Liviu Anghel about SmartDreamers Recruitment Marketing Automation

Liviu Anghel
Recruitment Europe Lead @Genpact

We are using SmartDreamers as a center point solution for candidates sourcing, integrated in our recruitment software ecosystem.

Andreea Nicolescu about SmartDreamers Recruitment Marketing Automation

Andreea Nicolescu
Global Employer Brand Manager @Temenos

Implementing SmartDreamers had enabled us to measure the ROI of our employer branding activities, allowing us to fine-tune our strategy.

Vitor Nascimento about SmartDreamers Recruitment Marketing Automation

Vitor Nascimento
HR Tech Analyst @L'Oreal Brasil

SmartDreamers is more than a platform, it’s a way we are digitalizing our company and our EVP strategy.

A perfect fit for your recruitment software ecosystem

SmartDreamers fits perfectly into your recruitment software ecosystem, integrating with multiple ATS, CRM, and other existing solutions.

Integrate your ATS and CRM systems

Improve KPIs: from first touch-point to final hire

Made for your business

Whether you're hiring in high volumes or targeting a niche segment, SmartDreamers is the
way to faster, more efficient hiring at a fraction of the cost.

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