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The all-in-one for the next generation talent acquisition ecosystem

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Everything you need on top of your ATS

The SmartDreamers Recruitment Marketing Operating System integrates seamlessly with your ATS, unifying all recruitment marketing operations within a single platform and optimizing your talent acquisition workflow.

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Why do companies choose SmartDreamers

Built for global enterprises


All-in-one solution

Consolidate the highly fragmented TA ecosystem in a unified solution that works in synergy with your ATS.



A two-layer system that combines cutting-edge AI technology with a scalable operating system.


Scales globally

A software solution that is built for high complex TA ecosystems with multiple flows, tools, and teams across the globe.

Results beyond industry standard


Talent Branding implementation

Up to 12 times faster talent branding go-to-market through our comprehensive one-stop-shop solution that integrates all social media platforms.


Career website conversions

Transform your website visitors into applicants and successful hires effortlessly. Take charge of your career website using the cutting-edge SmartDreamers CMS.


Hiring costs reduction

Reduce hiring costs by gaining independence from third-party solutions such as job boards and recruitment agencies.

Modern talent acquisition teams run on SmartDreamers
  • L’Oreal
  • Givaudan
  • Infosys
  • Genpact



"We started working with SmartDreamers in six markets back in 2019, and now it is our go-to platform for talent branding initiatives in over 30 markets worldwide."

Lisa MacNeill
Global Head of Employer Brand

12X faster go-to-market for talent branding advertising

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"For us, understanding the candidate journey is a must and SmartDreamers is the only tool that truly consolidates data from the entire candidate journey."

Caroline Mancioppi
Recruitment Brand & Marketing Manager

37% cost reduction with talent branding initiatives.


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"We use SmartDreamers to manage our career website at scale and to deliver exceptional candidate experience."

Karan Grover
Recruitment Technology, Operations, and Analytics

24% increase in career website conversion rate

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"What we love most about SmartDreamers is the simplicity of consolidating all recruitment marketing processes from across multiple markets in a unified solution"

Liviu Anghel
Talent Acquisition Lead - EMEA & Phillipines

24% increase in career website conversion rate

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We are more than software

Our team of experts functions as an integral part of your team, ensuring that you maximize the benefits of the SmartDreamers technology.

We simplify your onboarding journey, providing comprehensive, personalized guidance to ensure a smooth transition, quick mastery, and maximum utilization of our robust software solution.

With our state-of-the-art RPA integration capabilities, we have the ability to overcome any API limitations and seamlessly integrate all dots within your talent acquisition ecosystem.

Career website design
Your website should start from a distinctive concept rather than a prefabricated template. Our design team will empower you to bring to life the career website you want - with no concessions.

Talent branding consultancy
Our team of experts will steer both you and your team in pinpointing the optimal avenues for advertising your talent brand, and in harnessing the maximum potential from each dollar invested.

Media planning
Our team will assist in crafting media strategies, regional or global scale, by providing insights on advertising channels, budgeting, and candidate journey to achieve the aspired results.

Tracking setup
We will help you bring all metrics, from the entire candidate journey, in a unified interface. Data from Advertisers, Google Analytics, and the ATS is now consolidated and accessible in real-time.

Are you ready to take talent acquisition to the next level?