Talent Acquisition

Accelerated. Automated. Data Driven.

SmartDreamers enterprise-ready software is used by global companies to reach more, better candidates and increase employer brand gravity with the use of Recruitment Marketing Automation.

The SmartDreamers automation technology helps bridge the gap between your ATS and your candidates
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Rolled out across global enterprises

The Center Point Solution for Revolutionary Talent Acquisition

Our automation technology helps bridge the gap between your recruitment software ecosystem and candidates across the web, offering new opportunities to accelerate talent acquisition. 

Rolled out across global enterprises

Our optimized configuration process saves your team time while running and scaling distributed applications, AI & machine learning workloads, hosted services, client websites, or CI/CD environments.

Purpose-built built for you

Modern talent acquisition requires more content and data analysis than ever before; SmartDreamers uses automation to make recruitment marketing less of a chore and more of a competitive edge.  

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SmartDreamers helps companies reach more, better candidates in record time by automating recruitment marketing activities to accelerate talent acquisition.