SmartDreamers Partners with Indeed to Boost Recruiting Efficiency

In January 2021 we started a strategic partnership with Indeed, the world’s number one job search engine. The platform includes job listings from major job boards and company career pages. It generates more than 250 million unique job seekers every month and it’s accessible across 60 countries and 28 languages.


So, what does this partnership mean? For starters, it means employers have the opportunity to both publish and advertise jobs directly on Indeed using with the help of our systems integration. This partnership will benefit recruitment marketing teams by streamlining the job recruitment process, and will offer job seekers greater visibility across roles of interest to them.


And there’s more—extending our partnership with Indeed comes with many perks, both for applicants and employers alike. 

Reach a wider pool of relevant job seekers

In the past, searching for a job online used to be a slow and tedious process. As a job seeker, you needed to access particular job board sites, but these would only advertise opportunities for specific roles within specific companies. This process wasn’t working for employers either. It used to limit the visibility of their openings to job seekers who accessed those exact platforms.


Indeed’s approach is to collect all available roles published online and match them with the perfect candidate. The site helps candidates find the right job from a large pool of opportunities presented in a simple and user-friendly format. This comes in handy for employers too, casting a wide net across their available roles and making the most of over 250 million unique visitors using Indeed every month.

Find candidates faster with Sponsored Jobs

The SmartDreamers interface enables you to both publish your open roles on Indeed and advertise them in front of relevant job seekers.

Sponsored jobs are a great way to maximize the visibility of your openings and to unlock the Instant Match feature on Indeed. This helps you easily spot candidates whose profiles match your job description, and gives you the perfect opportunity to take the recruitment process further and invite them to apply.


At SmartDreamers, we’ve also researched ways to embed the most relevant targeting options such as location, time frame of promotion, and budget spend. You can fill in this information directly in the interface and publish them to millions of job seekers in one go.


Now, you might be wondering - how will my sponsored jobs appear in search results? Simply put, these will be listed whenever your job title, description, location or other information relates to keywords typed in by candidates. This way, the most relevant candidates will be able to see your openings.

Access campaign metrics to improve performance

SmartDreamers helps you collect applications from Indeed directly on your career site. This is possible through integration with your Applicant Tracking System. After your sponsored job has gone live, you are also able to track key insights such as user clicks, views, amount spent based on cost-per-click, click-through rate and conversions. This information is useful when analyzing the performance of your sponsored jobs, which is the stepping stone for a data-driven recruitment marketing strategy.    


At the same time, coupling your sponsored jobs on Indeed with advertising campaigns on social media adds up to better conversion rates and a significantly broader awareness. These elements go hand in hand, and will only strengthen your employer branding efforts when used together.  

Make hiring easier for everyone

Another benefit of using Indeed as part of your recruitment marketing strategy is the seamless application process regardless of the device used by candidates. Given that over 90% of job seekers use their smartphones to find their dream job, mobile-friendly platforms are a must when it comes to the application process. 


So, whether candidates apply from their mobile or tablet, the process of applying on Indeed is straight-forward and can be completed on-the-go. This also means a great opportunity for employers, given that candidate experience can change a job seeker’s mind for better or worse in 80% of cases.  


In a nutshell, if you’re looking for ways to improve your recruitment marketing strategy in 2021, it’s well worth considering how platforms like SmartDreamers can help you do that. Continuous updates such as integration with Indeed are core parts of our strategic product development and will benefit your employer brand for years to come.