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Andreea Clair

Andreea Clair

SmartDreamers Partners with Indeed to Boost Recruiting Efficiency

In January 2021 we started a strategic partnership with Indeed, the world’s number one job search engine. The platform includes job listings from major job boards and company career pages. It generates more than 250 million unique job seekers every month and it’s accessible across 60 countries and 28 languages.

  • Feb 09
  • 3 min read

The Small Steps That Make A Big Impact on Candidate Experience

Every little helps. This was the guiding principle for Tesco’s famous advertising campaign that turned the British retailer into a market leader. But the idea of how small things add up to make a big difference rings true – and not just when it comes to customer journeys. If you look at candidate experience as a sequence of interactions with your company, even small gestures can go a long way – especially in the context of a global pandemic.

In fact, the way companies respond during these trying times will define their brand for decades, explains Mark Cuban in a CNBC interview. At the same time, a company’s reputation isn’t solely defined by what they’re currently doing – it can also be defined by what they aren’t doing. Because the truth is – what we fail to observe can sometimes batter the strategy of any great talent acquisition team.

  • Jan 06
  • 5 min read

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