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Marketing meets talent acquisition

Everything you need to know about recruitment marketing. From talent attraction to employer branding, candidate experience, and more.

Optimizing Job Application Forms: Single-Step vs. Multi-Step Approaches

The job application form is a pivotal element in a candidate's journey, often serving as their first interaction with a potential employer. This initial experience can significantly influence a company's overall talent acquisition strategy. For...

Top 5 Key Metrics For Career Pages

We said it multiple times, and we'll say it again: your career page should be the number one source for hiring. However, for most companies, the...

How to make your career page the number one source for hiring

In today’s recruiting landscape, companies rely on third-party platforms, like LinkedIn, recruitment agencies, and others, to generate hires. While...

Is Your Career Page SEO Ready?

When it comes to SEO, we tend to think of it as a marketing tool that focuses on consumers. You optimize your pages so that you maximize your chances...

The Employer Branding Playbook

Your company is a great place to work, and you’ve got a strong employer brand to show for it. But how do you turn that employer brand into a steady flow of qualified applicants?


Learn how F500 companies are using SmartDreamers to transform talent acquisition