Chapter 5

UiPath: Paving the Way to Hypergrowth

How UiPath used RPA-empowered workflows to attract and convert more, better job applicants.


Ana Maria Mares
Digital Analytics Strategist


Up to this point, our collaboration with UiPath to bring RPA into the world of recruitment and talent acquisition may have seemed a little bit too theoretical or academic. Now that we’ve got the basic concepts that drive our collaboration out of the way, let’s look at a few concrete examples of SmartDreamers’ customers using RPA-impowered workflows to attract and convert more, better job applicants. Fittingly enough, we’ll be starting with UiPath itself.

As we said above, UiPath is a leading player in the world of RPA. They boast outfits like NASA, General Electric, Lufthansa, and many others as customers. Valued at over $7Bn, series D, UiPath currently has a team of 2,700 people (2400+ full-timers), a forty-fold increase from their group of just 50 employees back in 2015.


Screenshot 2020-07-29 14.10.39


As recently as 2014, UiPath had less than $1M in recurring revenue. In
just 4 years, the company has grown its ARR to over $200M, making
it the fastest growing B2B software company in history.


Screenshot 2020-07-29 14.10.52This unprecedented level of growth came with certain challenges. Specifically, they needed to hire great people as quickly as possible, and they knew that old-school recruitment solutions like job boards and recruitment agencies weren't going to cut it.



Screenshot 2020-07-29 14.11.01



Their goal was to increase the number of applications submitted
directly to their career page from 100 to more than 30K per quarter.
How did they intend to accomplish this? By building up their employer
brand gravity.

Employer brand gravity, for those that might not have encountered the term before, refers to a given company’s ability to draw users into their applicant funnel.

A business with a lot of employer brand gravity will get applications not just from ads posted across the web, but from candidates who have specifically sought them out online. This can be achieved through a combination of strategies, usually involving a mix of inbound (blog content or other organically-searchable employment-focused content) and outbound (social media advertising and other paid outreach across the web).

For UiPath, the plan was to build employer brand gravity by selecting a broad array of advertising channels aimed at different demographics.

With SmartDreamers Advertising, UiPath was able to reach candidates in the US, Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia on widely-used platforms from Facebook and Google to Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, WeChat, Line, and many others.


Screenshot 2020-07-29 14.11.22


Some of these sites had functionality for scheduling posts in advance, but many didn’t. In fact, many didn’t have usable APIs at all, which meant that our platform had to bridge the gap between UiPath’s recruitment advertising strategy and the technical challenges of carrying out that strategy efficiently. Ultimately, we were able to use RPA to empower UiPath to create and schedule ads on these niche platforms from the same centralized command center they used for larger sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Screenshot 2020-07-29 14.11.32


This meant that, rather than finding a wide discrepancy in the ease
with which they could post on their various channels, they were able
to roll out a multi-channel strategy quickly and easily.

Not only that, but RPA helped empower analytics integration across
even the least API-friendly channels, giving UiPath the ability to refine their strategy and approach as they went.

They were able to combine data from various advertising channels
and Google Analytics information into one streamlined interface, and thus track each user's journey from ad view to apply.


Screenshot 2020-07-29 15.50.59


SmartDreamers also integrated with their ATS to make sure that the entire recruitment software ecosystem worked smoothly.

And the results speak for themselves: just 1 year after joining forces with us, UiPath is generating more than 50K applies per quarter, with their career page producing more new hires than any other source. This has helped them grow their team from 50 to more than 2,000 in the course of a few years.

With a steady stream of quality applicants coming right to their career page every month, UiPath is poised to continue sustainably along this trajectory. Without a recruitment marketing strategy that could streamline processes with RPA, there’s a good chance their hiring operations would still be struggling to keep up with the company's astronomical growth rate.