Automate And Consolidate Your Talent Acquisition Ecosystem

SmartDreamers platform integrates with your ATS to accelerate and automate all processes from candidate attraction to conversion and nurturing, creating a far better candidate experience and a streamlined data-driven ecosystem.

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Transforming talent acquisition at worlds leading companies


Talent Marketing is a strategic initiative at Infosys and we have chosen SmartDreamers to enhance our recruitment marketing.

Rohit Sharma
AVP, Talent Acquisition




SmartDreamers has helped us centralize and display the entire candidate journey data into quickly accessible dashboards.

Caroline Mancioppi
Recruitment Brand & M. Manager



Liviu Anghel@3x

What we love most about SmartDreamers is the simplicity to automate the recruitment marketing process with just a few clicks.

Liviu Anghel
EMEA Recrutiment Lead




SmartDreamers sits at the heart of our online talent marketing ecosystem, automating multiple processes.

Eleni Efstratiades
Talent Relationship Marketing



All-In-One automation platform for recruitment marketing processes, integrated with your ATS. Create a talent marketing engine for better, faster hiring with a data-driven approach and best-in-class candidate experience.
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Centralize and automate your entire sourcing ecosystem in one unified platform. Create a data-driven talent marketing engine for better, faster hiring.

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Create outstanding career pages without replacing your ATS. A far better candidate experience with 5X the conversion rate.

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Create meaningful interactions with all candidates. All the tools you need to create, track and optimize sophisticated nurture campaigns.

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The most advanced reporting module, tracking +100 metrics within the entire candidate journey.

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Fill the gaps in your talent acquisition ecosystem with fast-deployable solutions. Automate processes and make your career page the #1 source for hiring without replacing your ATS.


Advanced Analytics
Landing Pages
Google Analytics
Campaign Builder
Email Sequences
Advanced Editor
ATS Integration
Custom Design
Campaign Builder
Data Tracking
Behavioral Tracking
Pixel Tracking
Campaign Builder
Advanced Analytics
Social Advertising
Niche Websites
Campaign Builder
Custom Design
Data Tracking
Flow Automation
Social Media
Job Boards
KPIs Tracking
ATS Sources
Nurture Campaigns
Career Page
SEO Setup
Career Pages
A/B Testing
Multiple Forms
ATS Integration
Data API Import
Career Pages
Career Pages

SmartDreamers integrates with your ATS and
other software and makes them better.

SmartDreamers integrates with your ATS creating a streamlined process from the first interaction with the candidates to hiring.

  • Job feed import
  • Data-tracking (ATS - sources)
  • Candidates import
  • Ads - job status synchronization
  • Nurture integration

Solutions to real talent acquisition challenges

With the help of SmartDreamers Recruitment Marketing Software, we've created a leading position as an employer in the RPA industry.

Marius Istratre, CPO


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What we love most about SmartDreamers is the simplicity to automate the recruitment marketing process with just a few clicks.

Liviu Anghel, EMEA and Philippine Recruitment Lead


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AdsWizz is now able to quickly spread our content all over the web, reaching a diverse crop of candidates across a wide range of channels and track our progress on an extremely granular level.

Anamaria Lepadatu, Global HR Manager


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In just 30 minutes, our team of specialists will analyze your talent acquisition ecosystem and showcase how SmartDreamers can help you in creating a talent marketing engine that integrates with your ATS.