SmartDreamers & BrassRing


The integration between SmartDreamers and BrassRing provides a streamlined talent acquisition funnel. SmartDreamers excels in recruitment marketing at the top of the funnel, while BrassRing manages the subsequent recruitment stages.

The API integration between the systems facilitates numerous automated processes that enhance recruitment efficiency.

Key integration aspects include:

Career Website Integration: Companies use SmartDreamers' CMS to create custom career sites, providing an improved experience for candidates. A significant feature is the ability to create custom forms on these sites, which avoids the need for candidate redirections. Candidate applications are directly imported into BrassRing for each job opening through an API.

Analytics: SmartDreamers seamlessly integrates with BrassRing's Analytics. This integration improves data accuracy by automatically tracking the source of each applicant with UTM codes.

Job Feed Import: SmartDreamers imports job listings from BrassRing, assisting in the creation of dedicated landing pages and targeted advertising campaigns for specific job openings.

Candidates Import for CRM: SmartDreamers can import candidate data from BrassRing for use in targeted email marketing campaigns. This process is flexible, allowing for the import of candidates based on their application status, for example.

These integrations collectively establish an effective, user-focused, and dynamic talent acquisition ecosystem, leveraging the strengths of both SmartDreamers and BrassRing.

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