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How Recruiters can cut their Time Spent Promoting Jobs by 80%

For the past 20 years, Genpact has managed to build a solid reputation as a global leader in providing digital solutions to its customers in a wide range of industries.



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For the past 20 years, Genpact has managed to build a solid reputation as a global leader in providing digital solutions to its customers in a wide range of industries.

The company now has nearly 80,000 employees on its payroll, and a recruitment process set out to:

  • Attract the best candidates;
  • Strengthen the employer branding across the web.

Genpact turned to SmartDreamers looking for an innovative solution to make achieving the above-mentioned goals quicker and more convenient.

Genpact's office in Bucharest
Genpact employees debating recruitment automation

Here is how Genpact used SmartDreamers to boost their recruitment process and ultimately increase the number and quality of their applicants.


1. Automating Recruitment Marketing Activities with a Few Clicks


By using SmartDreamers to automate their recruiting marketing activities, Genpact recruiters were able to manage job advertising across the web from a single platform.

The SmartDreamers dashboard served as a command centre to promote jobs across 14 recruitment channels in a quick and easy way. In addition to traditional recruiting platforms, Genpact was able to automate their job promotion efforts on: 

  • online communities;
  • social media;
  • YouTube;
  • and other virtual media.
Genpact's social media recruiment campaigns

2. An Integrated Approach to Leveraging Multiple Channels for Job Advertising


The pool of active candidates is currently down to only 20% of the market.

SmartDreamers has provided Genpact with an easy way to reach the other 80% who are not actively looking for a job but who may still consider making a career move if the position was right.


This way, Genpact recruiters were able to access a network of alternative recruitment channels where the right candidates are most likely to spend their time:

  • on social media where thousands of interactions happen every day

  • online communities

  • different websites which have a niche audience

  • online publications with millions of readers

  • popular news portals

  • and more 

This integrated approach came with significant benefits, giving Genpact an opportunity to reach a wider pool of candidates and gain an increased level of exposure for the Genpact brand in an unconventional way.

Genpact recruitment team about SmartDreamers automation

"What we love most about SmartDreamers is the simplicity to automate the recruitment marketing process with just a few clicks."


Genpact Recruitment Team

Also, the time needed to promote jobs was significantly less, as mentioned in this testimonial:
“Promoting each job separately on classic as well as alternative recruitment channels is a time consuming process. SmartDreamers has provided us with the solution of the automated recruitment marketing process, which led to resource savings in the HR department.”

Genpact recruiters checking recruitment campaigns
Genpact recruiters discussing about automation


The SmartDreamers platform helped Genpact achieve a 736,588 reach among bilingual and trilingual candidates and spend 80% less time promoting jobs across the web.


By using cutting-edge software, Genpact was successful at automating their recruitment marketing activities and leveraging alternative challenges for job advertising.


As a result, the company's goals to attract the best candidates and gain more exposure for their brand are now easier to achieve than ever.

Map of candidates reached by Genpact's social media recruitment campaigns

See the product in action

SmartDreamers helps companies reach more, better candidates in record time by automating recruitment marketing activities to accelerate.